Victory fuh de chatree coolie, Trump and de Pope’s people

Victory fuh de chatree coolie, Trump and de Pope’s people

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by Vidyaratha Kissoon

“Wheh you coming aff?” the conductor asked while the driver fiddled with the dial which seemed to have two positions – off or loud.

Fate had it that I jumped into a minibus in which the black driver and his coolie friend in the front seat with the beer bottle were unified to disrupt peace in ways which Jagdeo/Sam Hinds/Luncheon/Harper and Granger/Nagamootoo had not promised the electorate.

Black conductor asking me in response to my request to turn down the music while dougla man counting the money in his hand. Others enjoying the ride included a young coolie boy who was deferring to Moses in the front seat with the beer bottle who was supporting Granger the driver fiddling with the dial.

And me who should know when to come aff, and jump out, stayed put and put up with it and I lost my mind in the fantasies of the minibus as Guyana.

Talk turned like how Donald Trump’s locker room people must have been.

Dougla man leading the talk about picture he see , blues.. but nutting like dis.. was like a telescope.. it was a picture from the famous Pope apparently and he wanted to know if other men including the young coolie boy had seen the video. He has to shout some parts while driver fiddling with the dial so he could listen and join in.

Other comments ensued about the images people had seen, and which woman they know while the driver trying to make up his mind about whether to have the scratchy sound of the dial on off or on loud.

At some point he went loud much to the agreement of his beer swilling comrade in the front seat next to him who was looking back at me from time to time because I had asked them to turn down the music.

In losing my mind to survive the minibus and Guyana.. it seemed that .. the guys, like they were talking reverently about the pope almost, .. jealous of the Pope, in awe of the Pope. It was the way in which they talked about the video and the images and maybe the examples for them to achieve recognition.

I wanted to shout ‘yall embarrassing Granger’ but they would not have heard me. In any case, the President has said that the criminals and not the minibus drivers who are out to embarrass the Government.

The Government has indicated there is a security threat, long after people from all political persuasions had seemed to agree we were living in a constant security threat.

Did the attack on the women who worked in Mr Rohee’s home generate this threat and national response? Kaieteur News satirises that fascinating story

Woman goes to rent car for one hour, they go , attack the women who are employees of Mr Rohee and then she returns the car rather than abandoning it. But then this is how opportunity works.. there is crime spree and in then there are the stories of crimes and the covering up of crime.

I remember during the crime spree of the 2001/2/3 that the big ones did not seem afraid until they killed Sash Sawh and then the Government had to wake up when the American diplomat was kidnapped.

Is the Persaud/Ramnarine conflict fuelling the environment for those who want to try a ting.?

Mr Harmon things that these things should not be in the public, but is good these sores are public so that they could be fixed.

So the police, with the leadership in conflict, head out with the Army to deal with threat.

The first order of business was to go in the jail and not find any guns, but find some interesting items including five gallons of homemade wine. C

ome on man, what is the story of the five gallons of home made wine in the prison? What is the wine made from? I mean, wine, marijuana.. did any of them have this in their lives outside of jail? Where there music play lists on the cell phones too? Any religious materials? The video of the Pope?

The Pope though has triumphed. His people managed to get the journalist off of Facebook. His lawyer said nothing illegal has been done and his lawyer also rebuked the ‘Jesus would have voted for the PPP’ Bishop who talked about the brother.. (Update 14 November, 2016  – the Pope’s apology was gloriously accepted though there were no reports of any redemption requirements or requests to discontinue making videos of his legal activities )

And the draft Cybercrimes legislation would make the sharing of the sex tapes illegal, rather than the betrayal of the followers. The followers are still behind him though.

Like how millions voted for Donald Trump and 202,694 Guyanese voted for slap-and-strip-bheri and his people.

A lot of people said that the Pope and the women are immoral though, and a brutal reminder to many of us that what is immoral is not always illegal.

Another headline, another story which was hidden in the shock about the US elections results An Anticorruption forum at the Marriot.

There were no reports of Minister Bulkan’s presence at the forum . He had protested the opening of the Marriot and had described the deal to build it as ‘corrupt and immoral.

But this forum is where the chatree coolie reportedly said ““I took the opportunity to observe that it is both karmic and serendipitous that the Marriott Hotel was chosen as the venue to discuss corruption since during its construction it was heavily condemned by those now in government as the epitome of corruption.”

The Marriott was the place of the triumphant chatree coolie and the Speaker who evicted him joined together to learn from descendants of the colonial masters about how to fight corruption.

The Marriott replaces Parliament as where the parties unite etc.

We had gone to Parliament to do a groundings event. There are beautiful iron railings there to hang a banner and a broad pavement. That was the last time though as the powers said that nothing should be tied on the Parliament railings.

We had another groundings outside GTM this week. The railings around GTM are beautiful. We tried to tie the banner. had these visions of the women, the Pankhurst women who chained themselves to railings that looked like these so that women could vote.

Women voted for grabbing Donald Trump. Women voted for slap-and-strip-bheri.

A Haitian woman Èzili Dantò wrote in September

“Free Haiti’s interest converges with that of Donald Trump. We both do not want a third Obama term with the Clintons back in the White House. We are the independent thinking Haitians who want to put a wrench in the workings of imperialism in Haiti. This year, that wrench is called Donald Trump.

The Clintons and Obama brought Haiti the former crackhead and gross sexist, Michel Martelly, who ceded over 30% of Haiti lands and offshore islands to foreigners. Under Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton at the State Department and Bill Clinton as UN Special Envoy to Haiti, 30,000 Haitians were deported back to an earthquake, cholera-ravaged Haiti, overrun by white people, riding out the world economic recession at Paul Farmer’s charitable industrial complex, living behind high gates and new luxurious compounds paid for from earthquake funds and other so-called “aid to Haiti.”

She writes about her vision of the next steps with the ‘country white guys” .

A Muslim woman supported Trump because she was felt Trump spoke strongly about “extremist Islam of the kind that has spilled blood from the hallways of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai to the dance floor of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla.”

A young man asked this week about whether voting was good. It made no sense again, but he did not understand what else to do.

Constitutions are written that it seems citizen participation is only through voting.

The chatree coolie this week questioned the consultations done by “The Steering Committee for Constitutional Reform (SCCR)” It seems the SCCR was able to consult with at least nine individuals but did not have the budget to say go and sit down in some free venues around the country and pull together some discussions about what they were proposing to the Prime Minister who has still not made the report public.

The report may or may not be available as the Guyana Chronicle has reports on it and the future of reform. The chatree coolie it seems scored another victory in generating a response from the man in the front passenger seat of the minibus called Guyana who chilling out and only watches back at the people when asked questions.

Donald Trump scored a victory even though most people did not vote for him.

The bus conductor was victorious in collected my money when I jumped aff the bus which I wish I had not joined.


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