Republic Bank’s gag order sparks sudden hiring surge

Republic Bank’s gag order sparks sudden hiring surge

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Republic Bank Ltd is creating jobs at a record rate this morning with some unlikely positions going to some highly unsuitable candidates.

Among those joining the bank are Ruel Johnson Chief F%^&*ery Audit Officer, his executive assistant Ranelsa Kirton, Kered Suitangi Semog “Douche Bag Stalker” and Melissa Ifill Political Commentator. Others include Brian Andre Smith, Dason Anthony and Lloyda Alicia….

What’s going on?  Gordon Moseley reveals all: “Republic Bank prohibits employees from talking about politics on their own social media accounts…Apparently its a Say Nothing Policy
So Republic Bank Guyana has instructed all staff members that once they have their place of occupation listed as Republic Bank on social media, they are prohibited from commenting or taking part in any political discussions during the elections period on any social media platform.
Employees are also prohibited from showcasing support for any of the political parties on their social media accounts although those accounts would be their private accounts. The Bank reportedly intends to have a monitoring team checking the social media profiles of all employees.
Staff members have been warned that once they go against the say nothing policy, there will be “stern action” taken against them. Republic Bank’s motto is “We’re the One for You”.

His FB post caused a torrent of comments including this one from Ayana McCalman:  “I dare say from this report the Bank’s position seems to be infringing on their worker’s individual and constitutionally guaranteed human rights including freedom of expression thought and opinion. You may be bound by contract to your employers employment policies but surely your human rights are to be safeguarded…where do we draw the line now?”

Meanwhile the call went out for people to change their jobs to working at Republic Bank.


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