Ramsammy claims coalition stole 10,000 votes in Georgetown

Ramsammy claims coalition stole 10,000 votes in Georgetown

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Leslie Ramsammy has taken to Facebook to deny rumours he has left the country and claim the following  “I know that there were many issues with the elections and the fact that the Opposition was able to manipulate and steal more than 10,000 votes from Georgetown demonstrates that we no longer have a system where the government can control the elections process to prevent any change.”


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The social media controlled by the opposition has been active with their weird imagination. Or is it with their malicious rumors? I am presently in Georgetown. I did not flee Guyana. I am here and as far as I know the records of the Ministry are in the safe keeping of the Permanent Secretary. I have no intention of transferring any property to my name for a dollar, as did happen in 1992 when the PNC was voted out of office.

I ask everyone to observe how peaceful this post-election period has been. The opposition believes it has won and therefore has held back its supporters. Yet they have kept the Sword of Damocles over our heads by warning us that if they lose they will create mayhem in Guyana. This is a damning admission that all of our post-elections violence has been controlled by the opposition. They can initiate or call off all the violence and prove without a doubt that they own the powers of creating peace or instability in our country. They were born out of this violent nature and they live by it.

But I am proud of the work the PPP/C has done in Guyana to ensure we live in a country with a robust democratic system and guarantees freedom to all citizens. As a Government, the PPP/C continuously worked to strengthen our freedom and democracy. No matter what anyone says, we must be proud of what we nurtured and developed – a free country with a robust parliamentary democracy. There is freedom of the media. People have choices at elections. The country moved from a HIPC to a middle income country and escaped the trap and stagnation of being one of the world’s most indebted countries.

The next government (either a PPP or a non-PPP government) will have a country ready to take off to new heights and a treasury with reserves that leave it with a macroeconomic stability. The infrastructure is building towards a modern country. The economy is the most diverse economy and the most robust in CARICOM. I feel proud of my role in building a modern Guyana and we must forever be thankful that the PPP brought the commitment, the vision and the know-how to build our modern Guyana.

I don’t know who has won yet. But the data I have indicate a close contest that either side could win. Guyanese must be proud that a country which experienced an almost three-decade long dictatorship has a very robust democracy today. Elections in Guyana today can lead to a change in Government and the 2015 elections will show that people have a choice. The sitting Government did not interfere with the election process in a manner that prevented any possible change.

I do believe and I know that there were many issues with the elections and the fact that the Opposition was able to manipulate and steal more than 10,000 votes from Georgetown demonstrates that we no longer have a system where the government can control the elections process to prevent any change.

The fact is that because the Opposition believes it has won, we have no post-election violence. But the situation remained tense throughout because the same opposition has threatened that it will not be able to restraint its supporters should they lose. This sound a lot like the maxim: “those who own the dogs are the only ones who can call off the dogs”. Mr. Burnham ominously warned us in that manner in the early 1960s and Mr. Granger warned us even more perilously recently in Bartica.

In this case, the opposition has made it clear – as long as they win, there is no fear of violence, but if they lose, they will “bruk up the country”. This is unfortunate, but I am hopeful that as we further mature, elections in Guyana can always be free of violence and abuse, no matter who wins.

The PPP has endured rigged elections between 1968 and 1992 without ever putting anyone at risk, without ever threatening the safety and well-being of anyone. It is a testimony to the PPP’s commitment to a peaceful Guyana that win or lose the PPP will not encourage or incite any violence in Guyana.

It is sad to see that APNU+AFC (the PNC in disguise) can only guarantee a violence free post-election period only if it wins and practically guarantees violence and mayhem should they lose.
This will always be a major difference between the PPP and APNU+AFC (the PNC). Whatever the results, the PPP/C will work for the welfare of Guyana and our people, no ands, ifs and buts. We have no pre-condition for working for peace, progress and prosperity.

Dr. Leslie Ramsammy
May 13, 2015


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  1. Africans having a saying- A fool is a fool whether they went to school or not. reading this missive, I am able to draw one thing. PPP will never change- lose or win!

  2. don’t you have that backwards? the PNC will never change its stripes. all they know is violence and racist behaviour!!

    • All the observer groups including the Carter Center, all the diplomats, Gecom have established that the elections were free and fair and reflected the will of the people…

  3. Time and tide will tell – but you should have left them to speculate! You were one of the strongest – continue to give of your best where ever you can.

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