Source Document: The Times ‘Cockroach’ Letter

Source Document: The Times ‘Cockroach’ Letter

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Here is a scanned copy of the Guyana Times letter published today April 20 2015 entitled “Voting race is not always wrong” written by one Vassan Ramracha.

This is the offensive section:  “The person who is the leader of the PNC party Mr Granger, Indians cannot vote for him. Indian votes for Granger along with some cockroach Indians politicians in APNU/AFC will be a vote of thanks for killing Indians.”

This is a prima facie breach of Section 139 D of the Representation of the People Act (Amendment 2001) which states:act 2


The editor Nigel Williams is personally responsible for its publication and the consequences of that publication. The Times has since pulled the letter from its online version.

Vassan Ramracha is not a nom de plume. Aged 64,  Ramracha lives in south west Miami Florida. A devout Hindu, he is part of the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) along with Vishnu Bisram and Dr Latchman Narain, the ones who do the wildly inaccurate/rum shop polls.

He seems to push the same federalist line as Ravi Dev: “Editor, moving Guyana to a higher level of democracy where the branches of government are completely independent of each other will be a Caribbean first. Self-administered regions will strengthen ethnic security for all when required to work together” Chronicle December 29 2013

And he also wrote in the Kaieteur News a letter arguing that “Reparations for slavery justifies equal reparations for Wismar massacre”  (March 28 2014)



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