Ramkarran: Dindyal victim of political interference

Ramkarran: Dindyal victim of political interference

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Here’s Ralph Ramkarran’s take on the dismissal of Dindyal….

The manner of the dismissal of Bharat Dindyal, the CEO of the GPL, one of the best and most dedicated managers in the State system, will send shivers down the spines of the ethnically sensitive. In justifying his dismissal, a not too subtle attempt was made to portray his continued employment without a written contract, even though he was continuing on the job only until a replacement could be found, as some sort of sinister plot.

The incidents that led to the dismissal were reported in SN yesterday. If the report is true, then Dindyal resisted gross and continued insubordination from his deputy, which was supported by the Minister. Dindyal’s display of rage is not what did him in. His dismissal was prompted by his resistance to the insubordination and the exposure of the political involvement. He has stood up and resisted in times past in different circumstances. This political culture in much of the Third World that infects our political system as well, embraces the type of gross political interference and insubordination which Dindyal perceived and which he protested. Political interference crushes all those in its path who attempt to resist. There were many from recent PPP governments. Dindyal is the first known victim since the elections and will not be the last unless the Government breaks with this culture.



  1. Ethnically sensitive ….wait a minute…..All them other ethnically sensitive Guyanese who get marching orders when PPP came into government just publish the letters you got stating your services no longer required. Shuups

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