First Bauxite plans processing plant in Louisiana

First Bauxite plans processing plant in Louisiana

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“Based in Toronto, First Bauxite has concluded a feasibility study calling for the company to mine bauxite — an alumina-based ore — from Guyana, on the northern coast of South America, and ship it to Louisiana.’

“At the town of Reserve, the company would use the bauxite to manufacture ceramic proppants for the oil and gas industry. Proppants are sands or manufactured ceramic materials added to an industrial fluid to keep a hydraulic fracture open during or following the fracking process that releases oil and natural gas from shale formations.,,,First Bauxite plans to build the plant on a 30-acre tract at the Globalplex Intermodal Terminal, which is owned and operated by the Port of South Louisiana in Reserve.”

First Bauxite’s project has been slow to get off the ground.  It was “slated to start construction of a US$120 million calcined operation in late 2013 at Bonasika. However, that has not happened and the company has faced financing issues.” (SN)

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