Crime coverage spiralling out of control at the Times

Crime coverage spiralling out of control at the Times

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The Guyana Times pre-May 11 2015 on coverage of crime

There is firstly the selective publication of stories that fit in with the agenda of the opposition in general and the Kaieteur News/Stabroek News in particular…..reporting only on events that evoke the most extreme degree of sensationalism: murders, wife killings, robberies, incest, riots, etc, these would always get front page coverage with lurid headlines.” Editorial Dec 24 2013

The Guyana Times post May 11

Some two weeks after the Guyana Police Force reported a seven per cent increase in serious crimes including murders and armed robberies, the crime situation in the country seems to be spiralling upwards.” June 3 2015

“It would appear that since the new administration was fraudulently elected, criminals with a sense of entitlement are having a field day…It must be noted that 90 percent of the victims are East Indians. And, in addition to the murders not mentioned.” June 8 2015

“As the worrying crime rate continues to spiral, Guyana recorded an alarming eight deaths in the space of six days.” June 10 2015

In order to get a handle of the spiralling crime rate, the new administration has to understand and accept that the political campaign is now over.” ¬†Editorial June 10 2015

“In light of the alarming increase in serious crime throughout Guyana, the Police Force is in the process of re-intensifying efforts aimed at crime prevention” June 15 2015

“Guyana and the United States (US) have agreed to bolster their bilateral ties and fight the spiralling drug trafficking trade, which has dogged this country‚Äôs development over the years.” June 18 2015

“Amid the steep rise in violence here, a man was on Friday afternoon shot trice and robbed of some $2 million, shortly after he arrived at his South Ruimveldt, Georgetown home.” June 20 2015

Guyanese in the diaspora have expressed deep anguish about the sudden spike in crime (robberies, murders) since the change in government last month. June 23 2015

The deafening silence of the new administration which rose to power on May 16 on the spiraling levels of crime and criminality in our society wreaks hypocrisy, Editorial June 24 2015

The rapid increase in the number of criminal activities over the last few weeks is not only worrying to the ordinary man but the Private Sector community in Guyana is also deeply concerned about the upsurge and the impact it is having on business activities. June 25

Meanwhile, residents who gathered at the scene were very vocal about the increased crime rate…June 27




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