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Fresh from the oven is the news of a Guyanese man arrested in Brazil for keeping and smoking (yes, like a ham!) his wife’s dead body. Here’s the translation from the Brazilian News Portal – G1:

The Guyanese Herbert Pratt , 69 , is suspect of storing and smoking the body of his wife , Veronica Beatrice Grant , 66 , for 15 days. The case came to light after military police of the Tactical Force found the corpse in the house where the couple lived on the banks of the stream Uai Grande, BR- 174 Highway, in Boa Vista.
To the police, Pratt, who can not speak Portuguese, admitted he was “keeping” the body and doing the smoking, but did not explain what led to it. He also said that the woman died of a disease.
According to the police , the body was found after children playing in the creek near the property felt a “strange smell” coming from the site. They approached one of the rooms and saw the corpse.
“After that, the old man threatened to throw hot water on them and a group of teenagers tied him up in a tree to control him. Then a man on the creek called us and we found the body”, said a police officer.
The body was found inside the house. It was on top of a bed and covered by a sheet. “The husband even put a board sealing the entrance in place, in an attepnt to hide it,” reported the OFficer.
Teams from the Legal Medical Institute and the General Homicide Police went to the scene and estimated that the elderly probably died after the 15th of November. She seemed to have been sick, but the causes of death have not yet been clarified.
The Pathologist told G1’s reporters that the body was badly decomposed, despite being ‘dry’ because of smoking. “We do not know exactly the day she died, but it has to see that the body was dehydrated, because he [husband] probably made multiple sessions to smoke it,” he said.
The server said the man was smoking the body in the bedroom itself. “He put tarps around the body, made fire and blew smoke over it. We believe that he did it because of some cultural belief, but you can not say anything for sure before carrying out all the investigations,” he said.

After the procedures in the couple’s home, the Guyanese was taken to the 5th Police District For further questioning. According to the police officer, the consul of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana in Roraima will Be contacted to decide what will be done with the elderly. The police could not say if the couple lived legally in Brazil.

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There has been a mass jail break from a prison near Boa Vista with 29 prisoners escaping through a hole on Tuesday night while some guards were apparently not in their watch towers.

Many of the escapees are said to be members of the  PCC gang, translated as ‘First Command of the Capital” and are accused of murder and other serious crimes.  Four have since been recaptured but the danger is many of the others will escape over the border to Guyana where security is lax, although no alert has been sounded by local authorities.

PCC is said to be the largest criminal gang in Brazil with 13000 members.


Here is the Google-translated page from Folha De Boa Vista  

Increases to 29 the number of fugitives from PAMC

After counting, agents reveal that 29 prisoners escaped by hole in the ground, and not 10 as reported the State Government
Amilcar junior
11/27/2014 24:12

Most watchtowers of the Agricultural Prison yesterday afternoon, was unattended (Photo: Rodrigo Sales)

The Department of Justice and Citizenship (Sejuc) reported this week that 10 prisoners escaped from Prison Farm of Monte Cristo (PAMC), Rural area in the early hours of Tuesday, the 25th, but after counting, yesterday afternoon, the agents discovered that, in fact, 29 detainees escaped. Until last night, four had been recaptured.

The Sejuc also reported that the prisoners left the jail, in front of the Penitentiary, but agents once again denied the information and said the mass escape occurred by a hole dug right side of the wall of the unit, near the guardhouse.

“They dug the hole just to pass beneath the wall. There was no surveillance this week that guardhouse. The prisoners broke the lock ward 4, climbed over the inner wall and came to the wall. The hole was already done. So, left without problem, “reported an agent, who declined to be identified.

On the 10th last, the governor Chico Rodrigues (PSB) and signed a decree created the Task Force to Support the Prison System of Roraima. Among the measures, Chico determined that at least ten watchtowers were activated in PAMC. Yesterday afternoon, just five worked.

Military police, who also declined to be named, told the Folha that only 20 MPs were the guard at the prison yesterday afternoon, too few, they said, to ensure order and security on site. Folha also found that the 30 men of the National Force, only ten are scheduled a day to increase security for the unit.

“There is strengthening security. Every day, only ten officers of the National Strength monitor the work of correctional officers within the unit. Then go away, “said an agent. Yesterday afternoon, the staff on duty was composed of nine prison guards, also well below the number needed.

“You see, the prisoners broke the lock ward 4, jumped two walls inside and fled through the hole dug in the wall foot. This hole was dug during this week. And no one saw it? The banditry returned to control the system, “lamented the agent.

The Agricultural Penitentiary has capacity for 750 prisoners but currently holds about 1,100, distributed in 19 wards. Only 30 men, including officers and military police, try to keep order in place. “We become hostage of the system itself. As 30 men will hold over a thousand prisoners, most of them highly dangerous. What we do? We turn to face the other way and pretend not to see “reported.

The agent did the calculations and reported that each of them would have to take account of 37 prisoners. “There’s no way, so they [the prisoners] and send desmandam here. They make the rules and call the shots. We can not do anything. Unfortunately, we are also in the hands of bandits, “he lamented.

RETALIATION – Police Intelligence Industry officials investigate a possible onslaught of criminals who fled the prison this week. According to sources the Leaf, the fugitives were planning attacks in the capital and interior, in retaliation for the transfer of 11 detainees on 8 past, the PAMC to a federal maximum security prison in Mato Grosso (MT).

The attacks, according agents, were being planned by members of the criminal organization called ‘First Capital Command’ (PCC), which operates throughout the country. Until yesterday afternoon, four escapees had been recaptured. (AJ)

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Interesting tidbit from this article in Caribbean Life on Ramotar’s address to the New York Diaspora:

“The head of state, who received a warm welcome at Woodbine Ballroom on Sunday, Sept. 21, said a recent agreement also with the Brazilian government would allow the Brazilians to use its satellite capability to monitor Guyana’s vast land space against smuggling.”