Letter: Government can’t now expect free labour

Letter: Government can’t now expect free labour

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Dear Editor,

We elected leaders to represent us. Nearly half of us voted for the PPP, implicitly accepting their paramountcy of money values. Those voters who listened to the coalition’s promises expected the new cabinet to set an example of public service. Well, they’ve early set an example, and it’s one of paid service — paid at the highest price they can set and get away with.

So now our leaders’ motivation and arrogance are exposed. But, foreseeing the consequences, what can we say of their competence as managers of the national economy?

Sure, they’ll get away with it, and they must expect us all to follow their example. Ordinary people will never again feel they should make any personal sacrifice for the public good. The ideal of voluntary work for the good of the community is officially declared dead. Our second highest government spokesman has declared publicly, “We are your servants …we must pay ourselves well”. Not a joke. No rationale that’s not insulting to the working poor. Explicitly no apologies. Is this the way to cut down corruption in the public service?

All right, Coalition, if our top servants have to be paid at the high price they set on their service, we your employers now feel entitled too to work only for money, at the highest price we can get. Now let’s see how you manage a government with mostly underpaid, therefore by Mr Harmon’s definition under-performing, public workers. And with a population inspired by your example to value service by money alone.

If after five months you can forget about payment by results, let’s see what results the whole nation can get in the next five years. As if that mattered any more than your pay and perks.

Yours etc

Gordon Forte



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