Ballcoach doan tek no truss

Ballcoach doan tek no truss

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Guyana and GT people does tickle de old Ballcoach. Dis whole salary ting funny fuh days. De alliance bring out Joe, Basil, Trotty, all dem boys do? Is piss off the population, meanwhile Uncle Mo, Khemraj, Patto and Ramon holding AFC meetings in Toronto, on the taxpayer dime.
So Joe done fuck-up with his “I pay my attorneys half a mil.” Basil? Nobody ent know yet wha Basil seh. Is the increase gonna be tabled in the house? A done deal? Nobody knows what Basil seh up to now. Trotty seh “trust us” and after his first statement….People start to think of what he told Lil Johnny.
Then the MoF jumped in. “Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, said yesterday that the salary increases for Members of Parliament were necessary for three reasons; to outline an income for Vice Presidents which did not exist before, to correct anomalies in the payment structure and finally, because the work load has increased….There was no allocation for Vice Presidents; this position did not exist under the PPP.”(KN).
And the curious media, did not ask, “but you created these new positions, why should the people pay for them?” Then Uncle Winston got carried away, ““It is clear that there are huge anomalies there. The President, Prime Minister and AG are receiving massive salaries and your seniors and juniors are at the same level. Nowhere in the Caribbean does such a system exist.” (KN) But Uncle, if they done getting “massive salaries” why the need for any raise? I just dunno.

Suspenders then throw more gas in the fire in SN. “Only three persons are statutorily permitted a tax-free salary: the President, the Chancellor and the Chief Justice.” Made the old Ballcoach wonder, why in 2015 is the “First Citizen” not paying his taxes? If the president makes $2.5M a month plus, “Ministers make their case for entitlement, they must not ignore the range of benefits which they receive at taxpayers’ expense which includes 24-hour security, all expenses paid vehicle and chauffeur, tax-free gratuity for their chauffeur, free electricity, free telephone, housing or housing allowance for Senior Ministers and the Attorney General, even when they live in their own homes, entertainment allowance when everyone knows the Ministers are the ones to be entertained, free crossing on toll bridges, no airport tax, generous leave and leave benefits, access to valuable medical benefits, and perhaps as valuable as all the other allowances put together, the right to duty exemption on a vehicle every three years.” (SN)

Why aint the prezzie paying taxes? What are we? A monarchy with an elected emperor? Where is the basic fairness? Why should the little guy with his sweetie stand on the line-top not then evade his taxes? It might behoove the MoF to regain some “goodwill” by seeking to drastically cut the perks, get rid of the duty-free and buy back some goodwill, or come the LGE the coalition might lose all ten regions.



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