Ballcoach: Anil mek sense fuh once

Ballcoach: Anil mek sense fuh once

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So the de government tek  blows in de media all day. Trotty try, but he reputation done shot, people brush he off. All de old PNC comrades try, dem write all kinda letter to SN, all dem do is confuse de issue even more, and look like dey marching in lockstep. Den badam! Moseley come out wid some ting bout Archer refusing de position on de NCN board and some conflict between Archer and de DPI. Now everybody know de DPI is Uncle Mo creature and dem bai at OP ent in love wid he.

By 6 PM? Sudden, sudden we hear Clive and de asset recovery  unit “recommending charges” against “Click-bait Jagdeo”. t. De DPP? She done compromised, she tek a offer she could not refuse, so how will she “prosecute”?

It tek Anil fuh bring some “sense” into de issue. He remind we that Jagdeo, having serve as president, was immune from prosecution for acts committed while he held de highest office in de land:

“Secondly, let us take Jagdeo for example, he would have enjoyed immunity from prosecution from things done during his presidency so he would have signed an agreement during his presidency, he would have purchased the lands during his presidency…he would have been immunized from any criminal charges, assuming there is any criminal charges in any evident” . (NewsNow)

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see dat so why de leakers fulling people up wid BS? De whole worl’  know Clive ent have no power fuh charge nobody plus de relevant legislation ain pass yet, so why dey wasting de people time wid dis foolishness? Wha happen if Trotman lose de case? How yuh gon charge people in Pradoville? And will Gary lose he house tuh? If dem corrupt, wha charge Gary gon get?



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