Granger’s approval rating below 50% among own supporters

Granger’s approval rating below 50% among own supporters

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President Granger’s approval rating has plummeted in the past three months most notably among those who say they had voted for his coalition in the May election.

This is according to an online poll, conducted by The Mosquito from Monday October 26 to Thursday October 29th which garnered 475 responses. When asked, “How would you rate the performance of President Granger?” of the 314 respondents who said they voted for APNU/AFC only 45% viewed it positively. Significantly 23% of his declared supporters viewed his performance negatively. This compares to a 9% negative rating and a 68% positive rating in a previous poll conducted in early August.

Among the 74 declared PPP supporters 69% disapproved of his performance as compared to 60% previously. Among all respondents 37% approved while 32.6% were negative.

And it would appear that the 50% salary increase has been a primary reason for the fall off in popularity. Among all respondents when asked “Are you in agreement with the increases in Salaries for Ministers of the Government?” 71% were against, and among declared APNU/AFC voters 66% opposed the decision. 20% agreed with the increases.  PPP supporters were nearly unanimous (97%) in their disapproval.

When asked about the handling of various issues, coalition voters’ enthusiasm has dissipated. For example those who strongly agree with the government’s handling of corruption went from 38% in August to just 13% in the most recent survey. However the Clean Up Campaign comes in for enthusiastic support with 66% strongly agreeing the government was doing a good job. And even among declared PPP voters 38% strongly agree and 43% moderately agree the government has been successful. On this point opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo who complained about the spending on the campaign appears out of tune with his base.





  1. The situation might be worse when you realise that it’s the M&CC that is driving the clean up exercise and not the Government of Guyana.

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