Bheri pleads not guilty to insulting language

Bheri pleads not guilty to insulting language

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Bheri charged today for insulting language (Section 141) Summary Jurisdiction Act. Flashes V to absolutely zero supporters.

Former Minister of Health Bheri Ramsaran has pleaded not guilty to the charge of using insulting language against activist Sherlina Nageer back on April 20 and will return to court on September 21

The penalty for the charge is a fine of up to $20K or 6 months jail. Ramsaran, represented by lawyer Adrian Amanayah was very quiet in the Whim Magistrate Court this morning presided over by Charlyn Artiga and declined to speak to reporters upon leaving.

There were no supporters for his cause in contrast to his own support for former President Bharat Jagdeo when he was compelled to attend the same court prior to the elections over a charge of divisive language. It was there that Ramsaran had gotten into argument with Nageer and was caught on audio calling her a “piece of $%%^” and telling her to “eff off”. At the end of the audio he told someone “I would slap her ass…Just for the fun….I can have some of my women strip her here.”

He was subsequently fired after an another audio recording of him calling her a miscreant surfaced a few days later.



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