Paul Sanders: Gingivitis of the Soul

Paul Sanders: Gingivitis of the Soul

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 March 2015

It’s not OK. I don’t get it.
How come the big boys can wrack up such a tab on overseas medical trips and I can’t? Obscene, man. Totally out of order. That money can go towards a world class hospital right there in Guyana. How come the big wigs get to treat Guyana’s treasury as their personal piggy bank and a plebeian like me has to have a “hands off” on it?
How come the people who trample, mock and scoff at me, get medivacced outta the country? Does my patriotism stipulate that I foot the bill for the same folks who oppress me? Madness.
Can you tell me why the local hospitals are good for me, and are not good for them? What’s up with that? My emergency is just as critical as theirs.
I know. I know. Elitism in Guyana is getting a daily overhaul. Thanks to the wonderful revolution vanguarded by the party of the working class. Funky revolution. We are working our ass …. off, while the big boys are having the party. A revolutionary party organised by Stalin.
That’s a “million dollar” smile there, baby. A few million in fact. Celebrate it, Ms. Pauline Sukhai. I hope you encourage your colleagues to keep wearing their smiles. It’s good parasitism. It’s free money.
I say it’s looted money.
Yeah, you can laugh at me now. In all fairness, in disclosure, I wanna know who’s done the penile enlargement, the boobs job, the vaginal rejuvenation, the tummy tuck. Anybody? Just checking….
Here’s my premonition. You will all have to return to upgrade your work. One way or the other because the answer to your teething problem is blowing in the wind. The political nastiness, the deceitfulness that regurgitates out of your mouth originates from some place that’s far deeper, far murkier than your guts.
This moral decay is the gingivitis of the soul. It’s noxious. It’s blowing ill. It smells like a rotten soul. Disgusting, isn’t it? Like the Book says, it’s what that comes out of you that defiles you.
So it is, too, with the big boys blowing out tax payers’ money on heart ailments. Overseas trips. My goodness. C’mon, have you no shame? Look around you, the insanity of daily murders, robbery, lawlessness…. these are the runoff of your thinking.
Cold hearts. People once viewed you as lionhearted, ya know. Not anymore. I see how you have turned your backs on your own people. You have failed to inspire positive growth, to ameliorate and uplift life. You have instigated negative mores. This heartlessness of yours.
Yes, I’m judging you. Yes, I’m rude. Because from where I’m standing I know I’m flat broke. Check your bank account. Can you say that about your finances?
No apologies. I have to say it straight up, not made up. It’s….Just my style!




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