Buzz: Who’s the Racism Monster?

Buzz: Who’s the Racism Monster?

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“Granger claims Guyana “unhappy”” is the Times’ takeaway from the alliance launch and the Chronicle leads with the PPP planning to complain to Gecom over “racially charged” comments by the AFC’s Nagamootoo, specifically, “We shall defeat the monster of racism.”

“Senior members of the ruling party have since taken this to mean that Nagamootoo was making reference to the ruling party practicing racism…” writes the Chronicle.

KN fixates on the big bad wolf reference by Nagamootoo even though they have avoided any reporting on the health assistance list. SN writes the “launch saw the presence of a wide cross-section of party supporters as well as representatives of sections of civil society.” Not really and where were the diplomats? It has an amusing colour piece on Granger and his black suit…need more of that in the newspaper.

KN reports on the Marriott which the government last night boasted was now completed. Reading carefully what Luncheon said it shows that the foreign investors are not in place, nor the loan from Republic Bank. In other words this $58M plus project has been completely funded by tax payers. We understand the big launch will be April 14, three weeks before the election, and Gem Nascimento has the contract for the event.

SN reports that the Cabinet has approved the $3B loan from GGMC to CHPA despite a court order to justify the loan. We think it’s the opposite …more on that later this morning. But it is worth nothing a GINA article from yesterday emphasises the urgent need by the CHPA for Guysuco lands for housing. So this $3B is going to be or has already been passed onto the desperately cash strapped Guysuco. We don’t understand who In Guyana still needs a house lot since 100,000 have been given out in the past 22 years. That’s enough for 450,000 people in a country where the population is shrinking. Are these holiday homes?

In brief….

Exxon starts drilling today. at the current price of oil. If they do discover resources they would probably cap it and count it as proven reserves until the price recovers.  So no, many many years before the country is awash in oil funds.

Former Blue Caps President Clinton Urling tells SN it is entirely possible that he may join or endorse one of the two major parties.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Guyana (EFG) doubts very much that prisoner Zaharadeen Rozan of Cornelia Ida, died of a seizure in the Parika lock-ups.



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