Buzz: Who got the keys to the Bimmers?

Buzz: Who got the keys to the Bimmers?

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“Two senior staffers at the Ministry of Public Service have been sent on leave after they attempted to transfer a number of government vehicles to private individuals including a former minister and her spouse.” (NewsSource broke it). Ok we think we can figure out who that is.

SN has more:  “at least three of the vehicles were being transferred to that senior official. Several others were being transferred to a serving member of the Guyana Defence Force, one to a member of the Presidential Guard Service and the others to two other persons, all of whom are said to be close to the senior official.”

General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) Jagnarine Singh has disclosed that it has received G$800 million from the Government which it will be using to start paying off the millers from today.” Times.  Agri minister Noel Holder says the situation has been blown out of proportion: “However he acknowledged that the debt has to be cleared once and for all, indicating that Finance Minister Winston Jordan will soon be tapping into the consolidated fund to rectify this situation.”

As of Wednesday, 1321 sugar workers out of roughly 5000 had made withdrawals from GAWU’s Credit Union “We got loans from the bank so we have been able to borrow so we anticipated what might be the withdrawal,” said GAWU’s Komal Chand. (SN)

SN going nuts about no more diagonal parking on Robb and Regent Sts:  “One parallel parked vehicle takes up space that could be effectively utilized by two diagonally parked vehicles, which cuts the amount of cars that can be parked on the street in half.

“They have given us a number, a total, and all we’re asking is that they give us the evidence that led you to that figure. One would have expected that to keep one’s integrity intact, GECOM would have jumped at the opportunity.” The PPP’s Anil Nandlall on the day Gecom published poll by poll results. (KN)

KN pursues the killer cops:  “A corporal, a lance corporal and a former sergeant were taken into custody yesterday as the probe intensified into allegations that they were part of a now-disbanded squad that carried out several extra-judicial killings of civilians.”

The Indian Arrival Committee met with Granger and GINA makes sure to post the snapshot.


And Hemraj Kissoon “has volunteered to share his knowledge of construction techniques and developing lands with technical staff at the housing department. (GINA)…Let’s go back in our archives to a private sector dinner for Jagdeo on October 10 2014: “Remember when I told you you have to be a dictator to run this country, job well done, when are you coming back?




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