Buzz: What a Drag…Domestic worker fined for cross dressing

Buzz: What a Drag…Domestic worker fined for cross dressing

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A well-known male domestic worker was yesterday ordered to pay $20,000 for being attired in female clothing. He was given an alternative to serve three weeks imprisonment, if unable to pay the fine.” (KN) Nicholas Kissoon, 18, of Herstelling New Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) pleaded guilty to the charge after it was read to him by Magistrate Leron Daly, in the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

Was this not sorted out already? Chang ruled in September 2013 that men can dress in women’s clothing, but this must not be for an improper purpose…whatever the **** that means.  And in this case it seems the police slapped on the spurious charge because of alleged assault charges the accused’s aunt brought against him.

KN reports that Former Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur, is distancing himself from the purchase of the $23M satellite uplink facilities…”The Ministry of Finance, the Office of the President and the Members of Parliament who were present for the budget debates all had to have known about the purchase of more than $20M in satellite equipment that has never been used for the state-owned station.”

Let’s flash back to April 8 2013 when Manickchand responding to a question in Parliament wrote, “The Guyana Learning Channel has the use of a teleport that was created at the time of its set-up since there was no other teleport capable of up-linking video signals in existence in Guyana before or since…” “Manickchand stated that the Learning Channel is using “the only teleport capable of up-linking video-signals in existence in Guyana.” Technically true as the equipment only started arriving in early 2013. But how as education minister did she not know of it having been budgeted.

On to Pradoville II, AG Basil Williams tells SN, “I can assure you that once we find sufficient evidence to constitute the tort (a wrongful act leading to civil legal liability) and I believe there is because you have ministers, former ministers who knew they were getting land at an undervalue, that was state land and then they actually resold the land for profit.” ….Williams also addressed questions by the media as it related to presidential immunity noting that The Constitution is open to interpretation. “The law has long been even though you have a power you have to exercise the power judiciously and you, if you … operate excessively then you lose that protection.”

What is strange is that Robert Persaud apparently sold his land alone for $90M, but Manickchand sold a whole house and land for only $10M more.

In brief….

“The Chinese buyer of the 20 per cent shares, once owned by the Government of Guyana in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), is currently being treated as the minority shareholder in the company” while still owing the government here US$5M. (KN)

“…both siblings pleaded guilty to having one gramme of cannabis each in their possession.” And don’t the police and the magistrates have better things to do?

Yes they do! “The police force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has launched an investigation into allegations that policemen attached to the Marine Section have been illegally selling fuel to fishermen.”




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