Buzz: “They deserve it”

Buzz: “They deserve it”

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I’m not going to make any apologies whatsoever for ministers getting an increase in salaries, they deserve it,” a defiant Minister Harmon told reporters yesterday as news of the increases slowly dawned on the media.

Here’s a breakdown sdsgh


It’s not so much the quantum (never mind a 50% increase for ministers compares to 5% to 10% for public servants). A minister of a national government earning about US$51,000 is not excessive.  But the nature of how it was done is galling and actually shows insecurity rather than arrogance. No announcement. Just sneakily gazetted with the hope that no one notices. And of course you don’t hear a peep out of the PPP as their MPs also get a tidy package of $2M plus perks for what is barely a part time job. Imagine this is how the opposition chooses to co-operate.

Sad, sad news out of City Hall: Hammie Green will not run for Mayor in the upcoming elections “as he believes that a young person should be found who is willing to take on the mantle and run with the city and “make Georgetown and Guyana a great place.” (SN) (And because he has not done jack shit for the past 20 years)

“…as I said there was a process whereby applications were invited and the board considered the merits and qualification of the various applicants and the board saw it fit that Dr Van West- Charles was suitably qualified,” says Minister Bulkan on the new appointee to GWI. (SN) “Asked specifically if the position was advertised, Bulkan said he was not sure of the extent to which it was advertised.” This is how politicians dissemble.

In brief…

Ramsammy explains that the $100M loan to the GRPA to help rice farmers in Region 3 was all perfectly reasonable. It was a humanitarian gesture and that “when Quality Rice Co-op concluded the legal matter and resolved the dispute it would repay the $100M to the GRDB.” (SN) Yes, because court matters in Guyana are always quickly resolved.

“The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) will soon move to re-purchase its co-generation plant which was sold in April this year to the tune of US$20 million to the recently formed energy company, the Skeldon Energy Incorporated (SEI).” Times. We don’t recall US$20M being handed over. According to a press statement at the time, “SEI will be funded with equity financing of US$5M from NICIL and US$4M from GPL and US$21M in debt financing from GPL and local and international financial institutions.” This sounds like a rerun of the Times/PPP and the $23B for rice farmers.

Approximately two million birth; one million marriage and 500,000 death registration records must be entered into a computer database in their entirety within a three-year time frame.” (KN)
Wonder if they pick up this forged one.


And “Gov’t wants Roger Khan’s testimony …will take up U.S. offer to help launch local probe” headlines the Chronic subtly using a photo of Jagdeo. DPI approves.



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