Buzz: Still feeling light?

Buzz: Still feeling light?

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On Wednesday Harmon tells the media he has no apologies for the 50% raise he deserves; says previous ministers were “thieving all over the place”, and adds that Rohee can “shut up” over some stupid furniture argument. Now Granger gets all in the face of the bar association saying he will keep pardoning petty criminals. It has not been a good week for the coalition and a terrible week for the people who voted for them. That lightness one felt after May 11 is a distant memory.

“Some people are quarrelling because a few people who steal cell phones are allowed to get out of jail free…People are appalled at that, but I will do it again next year!” Granger declared in a rare outburst yesterday while renaming the National Park after Viola Burnham…. But seriously, the point of the pardons is not that they should happen. It’s 1) the individuals should not have been jailed in the first place 2) Granger should not be the one making the decision who gets out of jail free and 3) If their convictions are part of the public record then their pardons must also be.

Meanwhile if you thought the 2 am “curfew” put a damper on nightlife, Sanjay’s 58-month sentence for death by dangerous driving will throw buckets of cold water on it, and poor Palm Court just lost its best customer. At least till next week when Chang will likely come to his rescue. The irony here is that such a verdict would have been unthinkable this time last year but the jeweller’s trial was delayed by his lawyer’s visit to the same Chief Justice.

Apparently the British are lavishing money in the region: “Recently, UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited Jamaica. There, he announced that his government will invest £300 million for vital new infrastructure in the Caribbean.” Maybe the reparations campaign is paying early dividends with some literal blood money. and Guyana might wangle a new bridge over the Demerara for their former master’s sins. (KN)

In brief…

Hydar Ally: “Maybe I should have kept a lower political profile but that is easier said than done… I don’t want to at this point try to make excuses. I think it is a violation of the principle of the impartiality of the public service and maybe I stand guilty as charged,” Give that man a posting to New Delhi.

Sam Hinds comes to the defence of his former “thieving” colleagues saying how deeply hurt he is by Harmon’s remarks and making some good points even if the letter is like three times too long.   What else can we think, since they would have known the salary levels before they took office and appear to have assumed office with the clear intention of raising their salaries, even before any work was done.” (SN)

And we learn from the Chronic the massive news that “CANU receives criminal info on wanted Hits & Jams DJ” However that is the sum total of the news as James Singh refuses to tell them what it is.






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