Buzz: Sound and fury signifying nothing

Buzz: Sound and fury signifying nothing

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HUGE NEWS! Jagdeo and Co should be charged for helping themselves to Pradoville II house lots! NewsNow fell for a copy of the report first which states inter alia that “Former Ministers Priya Manickchand and Robert Persaud allegedly sold their lands without consent from the CH&PA which is a breach of clause ‘C’ of the agreement.”

The ADD-suffering media will now turn its head from the salary increases to what is essentially a planned leak containing an empty promise tacked onto stale news. Does anyone really believe charges will be brought? We are still waiting for the DPP and the police to stop playing ping pong with the $600M charges against Jenny; Winston Brassington who put the Pradoville package together and helped siphon off billions in state funds for the Marriott is still on the job and reportedly coming in for high praise from one minister who cites his financial wizardry. And pray tell us what’s the difference between Pradoville II and Robert Persaud’s family being gifted a radio licence and then selling it a few years later? It’s the same flipping of a dubiously gotten state asset. But we hear that no licence will be revoked by the NFMU let alone any charges being brought. It’s all bluster. There is neither the political will nor the legal acumen to mount a case. The parents are squabbling again. Everyone leave the house and go for a walk.

But let’s go back to the salary increases: there is nothing any minister can now say to justify them. Harmon. Basil, Winston have all tried and failed. Yesterday Trotman only added that the decision was unanimous and Whoa! the pay hike could have been higher! Let’s be grateful! He then resorted to the plea to just “trust us” having told reporters on August 5: “There will be no increases in salaries for Government Ministers and Members of Parliament at this time.”  Just Stop It. Finally the Chronicle resorts to a kindergarten argument comparing the new salaries with the pensions of former presidents. “The combined salaries for the former heads of state can also pay 10 senior ministers or thirteen juniors, a senior government official said on Wednesday.” Let’s get this straight. This government must never be judged or judge itself by the standards (or utter lack thereof) of the previous one.


In brief…

The Times continues its internecine war with Glen Lall this time with some story about NICIL paying taxes on behalf of Guyana Stores. Not a clue what that is all about and it does not seem the writer does either. Although we will say that NICIL Chairman Maurice Odle needs to answer his phone even if the reporters calling him are from the gutter press.

In reference to the same NFMU and its former head Valmiki Singh, “In an interview with Kaieteur News, Sharma pointed out that as technocrats; Heads of Government Agencies have a responsibility to know whether the Government’s instruction to them violates the law and to advise the Government accordingly. Failing to do so, he said, makes them part and parcel of the corruption.” But of course this does not apply to Brassington.

“THE Central Bank of Guyana has projected three percent growth in the country’s Gross Domestic Product, Governor of the Bank, Dr Gobind Ganga has said” Read that in the Chronicle with all the scepticism one considers police crime statistics.

“Recently convicted Bishnarine Persaud, proprietor of Sanjay’s Jewellery, was yesterday released on $500,000 bail pending an appeal hearing, after his lawyer moved to the Appeal Court citing what he said was his client’s life-threatening illnesses.” Cirrhosis?




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