Buzz: Slain Son of the Soil Comes Home

Buzz: Slain Son of the Soil Comes Home

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There is little coverage of the return of Guyana-born NYPD officer Randolph Holder even as 30 of his colleagues have flown down to accompany his body.

It’s interesting. We are not sure his death in the Bronx last week at the hands of a career criminal has really captivated the attention of the public to the extent the NYTimes claims: “Death of Randolph Holder, New York Officer, Reverberates Across Continents”. More like a shrug. And we are not sure why. Perhaps because violent deaths are quite routine and the public does not revere the idea of police as defenders of law and order like “decent” New Yorkers do? Only the Chronicle makes a front page splash of the body returning, while the other papers make no mention of it. Gordon gets some snaps of the Fly Jamaica plane landing at CJIA. No ministers in attendance although the GPF band did play and the hearse was given an escort to town.

KN tries to make out a victory for the government over reduced tolls for the Berbice bridge, claiming the company has buckled. But as many have pointed out, Jagdeo’s hand picked investors for what is a monopoly utility will lose nothing while commuters are still paying an astronomical rate.

In brief….

“Venezuela has imposed a trade embargo against Guyana, refusing to buy our rice or to sell us fuel,” Nagamootoo said in his address at the summit. “Venezuela has also sought to block oil exploration off Guyana’s coast and gold extraction in our own territory, all in clear violation of international law and treaty obligations.” (SN)

Guyana Goldfields’s gold mine which started operations a few months ago, yesterday announced its first sale of the refined product of 1,400 ounces at an average price of US$1,179 per ounce. (KN)

Duke Pollard takes on the presidential immunity issue and in passing asks “it may be useful to learn whether a President, sitting or not, may enjoy duty free purchases of materials for the construction of premises designed for sale on the private market rather than for personal use as a private residence.” (SN)

Yes “crime continues to spiral out of control” reports the Times: “the daughter of former People’s Progressive Party/Civic Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper in the 2015 elections was on Wednesday beaten”

And Celina’s Atlantic Resort is as tenacious as the mangrove and courida trees it is replacing as part of its unapproved expansion.

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