Buzz: Shaky Ground not High Ground

Buzz: Shaky Ground not High Ground

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Yes, the coalition has totally F*** up on the salary increase: they could have gotten away with 15% easily but the 50% is a serious political miscalculation. But the PPP’s false sanctimony is just as grating and also riddled with hypocrisies.

We learned yesterday that they will refuse to accept the 20% salary increase as gazetted, “We just have to accept what the society is saying,” Rohee said. “The society is saying we don’t accept it” Oh, all of a sudden these clowns are listening to the people? All of a sudden they are demanding local government elections by the end of December? But wait back in April the PPP/C would only commit to local gov’t polls by June 2016.

Meanwhile the Times runs out of adjectives to describe the salary increases: “astronomical, whopping, huge unconscionable, hefty, unjustifiable, exorbitant, selfish, self serving…” and that’s not the editorial.

The Key Maker Brassington has slammed as “premature,” a recent statement, purportedly made by Minister in the Ministry of Finance Jaipaul Sharma, that it has been recommended that he be criminally charged, given that a final report on the findings of a forensic audit into the agency is yet to be submitted.” His argument seems to be that everyone is culpable of spending funds on the Marriott and other secretive projects without parliamentary approval.

Skeldon records highest production ever!!! How much? 515 tonnes….or 5% of the industry’s total weekly output of 10,254 tonnes. Keep in mind that in 2013 GuySuCo was projecting that the factory would be producing 81,165 tonnes per annum.

Correction: the Skeldon number was daily production not weekly. Here is the Guysuco press release “On Wednesday October 14, 2015 the Skeldon Factory recorded its highest daily production since commissioned of 515 tonnes of sugar surpassing its previous highest of 501 tonnes which was achieved in September, 2012.”

In related news “the GuySuCo Commission of Inquiry, headed by its Chairman, Mr Vibert Parvatan, has handed over to Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. George Jervis, documents detailing its findings and recommendations on the way forward for the sugar industry.”  This may be another gift for the opposition if not handled properly.

In brief….

Rawle Lucas lays out the issue of the Marriott: “It is my understanding that the construction of the hotel to date is estimated to cost US$60 million. Recent information indicated that the government was only able to borrow US$15 million. The equity in the company is therefore an estimated US$45 million. Mr. Sam Hinds’ government was selling two-thirds of the equity of the company. That amounts to a value of US$30 million. The minimum selling price of the company should be US$30 million. Based on information in the public domain, Mr. Sam Hinds’ government wanted to sell the two-thirds equity for US$8 million or at a loss of US$22 million. If that is not a discount, I do not know what is.”

“And Re the Diwali date a latter writer asks “It begs the question is the GHDS being replaced as the official, authoritative voice on matters pertaining and relating to the Hindu religion?” (SN)






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