Buzz: Progress is Jagdeo’s kryptonite

Buzz: Progress is Jagdeo’s kryptonite

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The Press Association is missing the point: Jagdeo is not primarily interested in stifling them when he calls for a boycott; he simply does not want his supporters reading about any progress.

Progress in the form of cleaner roads, better healthcare, a lower crime rate, and improved education is his and the PPP’s kryptonite.  All of these developments and much more will happen over the next five years simply because the coalition is starting from such a degraded level. And that’s why the PPP with its maxed out support base will not win in 2020 barring an economic calamity. In the meantime Jagdeo, who understands the power of the media to shape perceptions, wants his followers to feed on a daily diet of doom and gloom via the Times. Today’s menu:  “92 Cuba trained Guyanese doctors jobless” “Plunging auto sales…signal consumer “loss of confidence” in economy


In brief….

Street sweepers are to work in the night: “For immediate attention are Regent, Robb and Water Streets and other streets in the commercial zones, which will be cleaned at least three times per week.” Mind boggling and it goes to show how a little effort in a short amount of time can make a noticeable difference after the deliberate neglect of the city for the past 23 years.

Over at the Chronicle we learn that NCN’s Molly Hassan has a fridge and tea allowance. We don’t know what this is but it’s on top a basic salary of $707,347 and other allowances too numerous to mention but obviously party of Fuzzy’s package.

Freddie: “Raphael Trotman is the second most brilliant political strategist Guyana produced after Forbes Burnham and for this he has the admiration of many insiders.” That’s the good part.

“The Cabinet should be held criminally responsible and be charged with the abuse of public trust and State resources consistent with the convention of collective Cabinet responsibility.” Rohee (KN)

“The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has advised that a charge be laid against a police officer who allegedly fired shots in the air and severed a power cable that fell on two women and caused them to sustain burns about their bodies.” (SN)

Dynamic is assuring reliable service this Christmas “Local Area Representative for the Company Gerry Gouveia told Stabroek News that from November right into January, 2016, there will be daily flights to and from New York to Guyana. (SN)

“Local bureau highlights use of stats in daily life.” (Chronicle)  They have time for that but not to release the 2012 Census report?



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