Buzz: PPPremium Healthcare 2014

Buzz: PPPremium Healthcare 2014

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$500M illegally transferred to NCN, $600M missing from Public Service Ministry and now “Billions siphoned off from Transport and Harbours Dept. in 2003-2007″ (KN) all done apparently by jumbie public servants since to date no one has been identified or even begun to be held accountable for the missing billions. It does make one wonder if the money is really missing or it’s just an accounting error.

Meanwhile “The former PPP/C government spent $45.3 million for medical treatment for seven government officials last year, according to the 2014 Auditor-General’s report which was laid in the National Assembly yesterday….The total cost for the private individuals was $98.864M, while the cost in respect of the government officials was $45.322 M,” the report said. This would amount to an average of $198,522 per private citizen and $6.5 million per government official.”  (SN) This needs more details.

The much anticipated report by the Commission of Inquiry into the sugar industry advocates privatisation and bringing the estates into good working order and no recommendation was made to close any of the estates, sources with knowledge of it say…..Stabroek News was made to understand that Skeldon’s cost of production is in the range of US$0.50-US$0.55 per pound of sugar.


In brief….

Some story about a businessman being held up by the Food and Drugs Dept over pieces of paper.  “My wife and I came from a very fast paced environment in the US. We both had very successful careers. But we invested in Guyana hoping to provide employment and contribute to our country of birth.”

“Junior Social Protection Minister Simona Broomes was selected to serve as Chairperson of the newly established National Tripartite Committee which will deal with matters relating to industrial relations, human resource management, and labour policies.” Seems more and more like Greene has protected her child care and TIP turf.

“In the past weeks, reports have surfaced that the two PPP leaders are at odds with Rohee being asked to stop hosting his weekly Monday press conference. Reports also indicate that Rohee may have been asked to give up the post of General Secretary of the PPP.
Rohee when questioned by media operatives at a protest on Thursday did not deny friction, but instead chose to plead ignorance on the issue. “No, I don’t [know] anything about that. I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know anything about that,” Rohee repeatedly stated when questioned.” (Chronicle)



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