Buzz: PPPlaying the Victim

Buzz: PPPlaying the Victim

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Janette Bulkan takes up Jagdeo’s comments about what he sees as the new government’s “obsession with cleaning”.”Let us hope that in time even Mr. Jagdeo will come to appreciate a clean city once again.”

He wont. His comments reveal the true posture of the PPP towards the city – an alien, dangerous place that they spent 23 years bringing to its knees as part of psychological warfare on the inhabitants even as they built their own enclaves in its environs.

And now the post-election PPP has abandoned what was always a mere urban toe hold and returned to the countryside. See the rally they held in Port Mourant the same day as Granger filled their stadium for his inauguration. And more recently Jagdeo’s bottom house tours of Regions 2 and 5 and in Richmond Hill. “Don’t lose hope – Jagdeo tells PPP/C supporters…” as he focused on rice and sugar (No increases for Sugar Workers” reports the Times) when before the party would trumpet the promising new sectors of tourism and call centres. But the base  – still migrating – wont be enough to win in 2020 unless they can convince the merchant class they are also victims. To wit another letter writer, a “Businessman“, writes in the Times this morning: “Five days after the new Government came into power, the Special Organised Crime Unit (SUCO) started to investigate over 100 legitimate businessmen and women of a particular ethnic group.” (One has to admire the Times for the cohesiveness of its message in recent weeks even if it is often a stranger to the truth)

Then there is Baytoram Ramharack in SN: “The clear lack of an intellectual tradition creates a number of challenges for the Indian. His concerns are not seen as legitimate, his causes are not worth struggling for, his rights need not be protected, he has no business being in politics, and he should not make any claims to the national patrimony.” more wailing and gnashing of teeth to follow over this letter which is a spill over from the Diwali date debacle, more insinuations of victimhood.

In brief……

Passing fluff… “Talks are currently ongoing to have the Red House lease deal scrapped in exchange for the prime piece of real estate being returned to the State, according to Attorney General Basil Williams. (SN) Ramkarran is unimpressed: “If Mr. Williams believes there is criminal liability, then he knows what to do. What is the point of making these allegations and so on? If he thinks there is criminal liability, let him take steps which he thinks should be taken.” (DemWaves)

And more… “The report into the controversial Pradoville Two land deal which was compiled by the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) is now at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).” Like anyone gives AF any more.

And a squabble over the anti money laundering legislation and whether Guyana is compliant. Chronicle “THE United States Government(USG) has affirmed that Guyana was never placed on the global Financial Action Task Force (FATF) black and gray lists and has slammed a Guyana Times report as a “wilful mischaracterisation of Washington’s position. Blah blah blah




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