Buzz: OAS tells parties to chill out

Buzz: OAS tells parties to chill out

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“The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) in Guyana expresses its concern at the escalation of provocative language being used in the run-up to the May 11 General and Regional Elections and calls on all stakeholders to engage in a respectful exchange of ideas during the political campaign.:

This was issued last night and about time too as Guyana has become a political pressure cooker. Here’s the rest of it:

“After meeting with a wide range of political party representatives in the country during the Preliminary Mission, the EOM witnessed a general consensus among all stakeholder parties regarding the importance of a calm and civil environment during the electoral process. The Mission urges all political parties to review, sign and implement as soon as possible, the Code of Conduct prepared and circulated for approval by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) with the intention of preventing divisive and inflammatory language during the electoral campaign.”

We wonder if the PPP/C will actually be paying to use the Marriott for its launch of Guyana 2.0 manifesto or whether that will be another tax payer funded exercise like the fundraising excursion to Toronto and New York. In the interest of transparency let’s see the receipt.

Apparently it’s on Saturday according to that guy who used to be president who held a press conference where he declared trust in the military has been broken, he has no confidence in the Media Monitoring Unit and he never beat his wife. On the second point the guy who used to be president claimed the MMU had not reviewed the KN story about the PPP/C being a “coolie people” party. They did.


The fire at Eccles gas station…not our kind of thing…except to point out that Demerara Waves immediately wrote “Reports are that people in the traffic queue are being robbed by bandits”. If the news site actually believed this to be the case why did they bury it as the last sentence in the article and why up to now have we seen no other reports of robberies?  This is the height of recklessness.

In brief….

“Darling I am sorry, but is you mek me hit yuh” is Minister Ramsaran’s tone in what the media is sharing as his apology for expressing his fantasy to not only slap up a woman who demands accountability from him, but also that he will get his women to strip her.” Vidya Kissoon writes in SN

And Juan Edghill was born in 1989 apparently and says he never changed his name. We want to know how he graduated from Pastor to Bishop….pastor



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