Buzz: No more in-transit security search at Piarco

Buzz: No more in-transit security search at Piarco

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City Hall is offering another amnesty to property owners forgiving interest accumulated on property rates starting September 1st for one month (SN)  A little naming and shaming of the big companies is in order here just as drunk drivers and those accused of marijuana possession routinely get their mugs in the papers.

But no, these are respectable members of society who also received tax exemptions and concessions last year amounting to $55B (US$275M)” (KN), Jordan announced noting “innumerable requests for tax exemptions and concessions even as he gave out new tax concessions to miners and the fisheries sector and nickel and dimed the pensioners.

“The One Stop Security Screening will allow for transfer and transit passengers who deplane at Piarco International (or CJIA) to be directed to the departure lounge and await boarding of their connecting flights without being subjected to further security screening at the main security checkpoints.” (Chronicle) You mean to say there will no longer be the pleasant experience of having Trinidadians barking at you at 7 am (and confiscating your lighter)? “It will also eliminate or avoid the inconvenience of remaining on board an aircraft for a lengthy period before its departure.” Lovely.


The Times: “Citizens cannot enjoy a good life unless the new Government can end their continued and now monotonous rhetoric about fighting crime and literally do so. Scores of innocent people are dying, being robbed and beaten by criminals because the Government’s incompetence in this area.” (Times) Three months in and you’re already bored?

In brief….

“Police are now certain that they know the identity of the man seen on video recording speaking to 77-year-old Danrasie ‘Carmen’ Ganesh as he calmly beat her to death. Based on the footage they have studied and information that has been provided to them, investigators say the killer is an individual with previous break-and-enter arrests.” (KN)

And Jagdeo is finally ready to go to parliament, he told reporters yesterday, noting that with the debates running until mid September the government would only have 115 days to spend the $97 billion. (Chronicle)




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