Buzz: ‘Michael, yuh lie!’

Buzz: ‘Michael, yuh lie!’

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Winston Jordan is getting the hang of what being a minister is really about. Managing the economy must be secondary to managing the press. Budget papers come after you have read the morning newspapers.

“Big fat lie” is how he succinctly described the “increases on benefits” story by the Times’ novelist Michael Younge.  And he went on the offensive saying AG “Basil Williams has written to former ministers to clear their “long” outstanding cash advances, but the request is not forthcoming (Dem Waves). Those are amounts paid out either in cash or as a cheque to be cashed prior to individuals attending overseas meetings in order for them to cover such expenses as food and internal travel. Here are some source documents for the Ministry of Education showing an outstanding amount of $2.8M for Priya  Manickhand.

Jordan moved on to the Private Sector Crony Capitalists saying at no time did he specify that $60B in total was being removed from commercial banks. “I don’t know where they got this figure from. It is inaccurate. I never said that.” Lovely.  The Times reports him telling GBTI’s John Tracy that the semi-autonomous agencies (CHPA, GFC, GGMC) were hoarding the cash in the banks instead of sending it to the Consolidated Fund. So the government then has to borrow from the same banks in the form of issuing Treasury Bills with interest charges. “In essence then, we are borrowing our own money…”  So maybe it is not the actual withdrawal of the funds that has the banks worried but the loss of a safe interest-earning investment. The banks argue keeping the money there would help keep interest rates on loan low. Really? Guyana’s banks have enormous interest spreads, because essentially they are an oligopoly.

Back to KN, and Jordan finishes with a flourish: “As for businesses complaining recently that their profits are being affected by the decline in economic activities, Jordan said, “They know that they are operating in an environment where they make a profit one day and can end up one day making a loss the next day.” Oh my! emergency meeting of the PSCC this morning for that remark.

Minister Felix, according to the Ministry of Presidency, disclosed that among the matters raised were the secure production of documents and guarding against falsification of birth certificates. As in the case of Kurt Reagan Saccone, a United States passport holder who was issued in 2011 with a Guyana birth certificate and passport under the name of Anthony Michael DaSilva with a different DOB?

We are happy to report that the Insel Air stand off is over. The grounded plane left at around 5 am and the eight Indian passengers who were refused entry left on another flight this morning. All’s well that ends well but as our aviation expert notes the pilot was obligated to take the passengers back even if that meant bumping off ticket holders.

In brief….

Following the recent dismissals and reinstatement of three pregnant city constables, a former policewoman has come forward and stated that she was dismissed last month under a similar policy against pregnancy in the Guyana Police Force. (SN)

“A gate and fence at the IMEX International complex on Leopold Street are to be demolished today, according to the City Council, but the owner of the building is contending that the demolition will be illegal because he is in possession of documents which granted permission for the construction.” (SN)

The Times chooses to publish the photo of a young man held with one gram of marijuana saying he “was fittingly reprimanded by Magistrate Judy Latchman” Self righteous pricks




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