Buzz: Johnny Be Bad

Buzz: Johnny Be Bad

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Jagdeo is being accused of treason no less as the Chronicle continues its fine tradition of accommodating probably libelous attacks on political opponents: “I cannot address the many charges of Jagdeo’s skullduggery, but why is the olive branch he extended to Venezuela not being seen for what it is – an act of treason?” writes Stanley Niamatali.

For his part Jagdeo was in Essequibo telling “petrified” rice farmers that the government had abandoned them in an “inappropriate” response to Maduro’s claim to the maritime waters: “The wrong move was to send back the Venezuela airline and to force them to pay US$200,000, that was the beginning of trouble,” the former President said. “Under the PPP/C we had issues, but we secure the rice contract and we managed to maintain and have it grow to more tonnes in the production on supply.”

Screw Venezuela: The Chronicle trumpets Moses’s Mexico jaunt along with encouraging news that the country is interested in Guyana’s rice although the commitment seems a little vague. But be assured “Since their arrival in Mexico Prime Minister Nagamootoo and Minister Trotman have been on a round the clock schedule of meetings with Mexican government officials.”

In brief….

“The only trained Hindu scholar living in Guyana” Swami Aksharananda writes on the Diwali brouhaha” “It is perhaps the first time since Divali has been made a holiday that so many groups have been consulted by the minister concerned. The best and most informed judgement on this and other issues can only be made when the views of all are examined. No single organization should entertain the ambition of dominating the entire Hindu society.” 

Johnny Welshman resurfaces, this time as the accused for impersonating a lawyer and scamming a client, which is what many certified attorneys do daily. We wonder if he hired Jaya or he is leading his own defense since it’s clear given his attire and the files lodged under his arm that this young man desperately wants to join the profession. As such we call on the government to award him a full scholarship.

GAWU has called off its strike achieving absolutely nothing: Komal Chand: “We have not met and talked yet, however, after resumption, with the wisdom showcased it could outline the necessity of the union and GuySuCo meeting to discuss the wages and salaries of workers.”

And it is encouraging to see women getting equal opportunities in the crime sector:  Maria Davidson, 28,  and Diana Peters, 48 both of Kaneville, East Bank Demerara were charged yesterday with sticking up a Church chicken outlet. (SN)




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