Buzz: Jagdeo to electrify budget debates

Buzz: Jagdeo to electrify budget debates

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Today Jagdeo will walk into Parliament with his merry band of pranksters and as KN puts it “one can conclude that the sessions of the 11 parliament will be electric.” So electric that it would need at least as many transformers as Jagdeo’s mansion/plantain chip factory which KN also claims “has multi-million-dollar chandeliers, air conditioning for his dog kennel and even for his cat.”

Staying on the electrical theme, Patterson defends Dindyal’s dismissal from GPL recalling that last year he failed an assessment by the board by just six marks 44/100! If only he had got that question about the difference between 50 hz an 60 hz, damnit!  And oops Patterson lets slip his salary. Indeed it was set at “over $46M per year with allowances amounting to an additional $28M bringing his annual salary to roughly $74M.” How is that possible?

Looks like former Advisor in the Ministry of Whatever Clinton Collymore could be on the hook for a state vehicle that was burnt on election night.  KN reports he was sent a letter noting “Further it was established that this destruction occurred while you were engaged in activities unrelated to your official duties at the time. The designated driver assigned to drive the vehicle was not the driver on the day of the fire.”

In brief…

We agree. This is a stupid headline by DemWaves. “IAC wants Commission of Inquiry into alleged ethnic cleansing” Not even the IAC uses that term in its press release.

Re a hit and run at Eccles, “the woman’s phone records were checked which showed that merely minutes after Wednesday night’s collision, she had quite a lengthy conversation with someone – believed to be her son.”(KN) Wonder if the police ever checked people’s phone records in the Crum Ewing case.

Looks like Minister Bulkan will continue his letter writing, “…has anyone heard of Nelson Mandela ever being referred to as Dr. Mandela even though he has been conferred with over fifty honorary doctorates from the most prestigious universities in the world, none of which he would have sought.”

Finally “The Ministry of Social Protection has begun consultations geared at ensuring that all pregnant women on the job are protected and their human rights upheld in accordance with the Constitution.” That’s what that one story by SN on the pregnant city constables has started. Journalism sometimes rocks.



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