Buzz: Granger poo poos Jagdeo’s passage talk

Buzz: Granger poo poos Jagdeo’s passage talk

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“We cannot sell out. We cannot give away. We cannot offer the adversary any corridor or passage,” the Commander in Chief said, in a non-obtuse response to a recent admission by former president Bharrat Jagdeo that his PPP/C government had explored the option of granting Venezuela a channel through Guyana’s Atlantic waters as a means of settling the long-running border controversy. (SN)

While everyone is piling on Jagdeo’s comments it’s worth noting what the Times pointed out yesterday that  when President Hoyte was asked back in 1989 “Can we rule out absolutely, sir, any possibility of concession of territory?” he answered:
“Well, at this stage I wouldn’t want to close any option. I mean we don’t know. You see, there have been cases where controversies have been settled, relating to territory, with what is called rectification of borders, you know, there is a swap. So I mean I don’t want to take a fundamentalist position which closes any option at all.”

Jagdeo plays the philosopher king ahead of a trip to Essequibo apparently in defense of the heartland: The former President, with 12 years’ experience under his belt at the helm of the country, proceeded in a “Socratic question and answer” manner to suggest the framework within which the country should analyse its options.”

The Times leads with Guyana still being non-compliant with FATF’s what the report coming out of a Plenary meeting in Paris last week actually says . “In October 2014, Guyana made a high-level political commitment to work with the FATF and CFATF to address its strategic AML/CFT deficiencies. Since June 2015, Guyana has taken steps toward improving its AML/CFT regime, including by enacting the AML/CFT Amendment Act 2015. However, the FATF has determined that certain strategic deficiencies remain. Guyana should continue to implement its action plan, including by: (1) ensuring and implementing an adequate legal framework for identifying, tracing and freezing terrorist assets; (2) ensuring a fully operational and effectively functioning financial intelligence unit; (3) establishing effective measures for customer due diligence and enhancing financial transparency; and (4) implementing an adequate supervisory framework.”  

In brief…

He called GAWU “irresponsible,” adding, “what came out of the inquiry is [cane harvesters are] the highest paid people in the country [yet] want to go on strike…” he, being Holder, a minister…. 

Christopher Ram….called on the WPA to speak on the issue (of the ministerial increases) since it is a party with a “deserved reputation for speaking out on issues of political morality, conflicts of interest, misuse of power and fairness to and for the working class.” He said if the party wants to restore its reputation it will have to do more than bear its “unhappiness in silence.”




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