Buzz: Fishing for Hassan

Buzz: Fishing for Hassan

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The campaign against NCN’s Molly Hassan continues:  (The) place has been badly managed so it is for the board to deal with the management including the CEO,” Nagamootoo told reporters yesterday while mentioning that “purportedly the former government transferred almost $500M to NCN and GINA and in all the reports I have for a certain period, I am still trying to figure out where this money gone.”

And on cue, Gordon publishes the CV of one Enrico Woolford replete with two genuine degrees, and reports that he is being offered the top job. This is all rather inelegant although we have maintained that Hassan should have resigned months ago  having denied the then opposition equal access to state media thereby assisting the PPP/C elections campaign, promoted the PPP/C line through various broadcasts right up to election day and had on her payroll phantom bloggers for the ruling party.

For her part Hassan responded to the scurrilous Chronicle report: “this wanton attack and careless handling of confidential financial information by despicable individuals who have a clearly set agenda, should concern similar professionals within the industry and government and in fact any employee of a public organisation.”

In brief….

The government is currently negotiating a price for the 40 million shares held by a Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) subsidiary in the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI). The shares held by Demerara Contactors and Engineering Limited (DCEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of DDL, represent about 10 percent of the BBCI.” (SN)

“The government by hastily paying these increases in salaries to themselves is clearly subverting the role of the National Assembly, violating the Standing Orders and contravening the law…All of this is designed to defeat the PPP/C’s efforts to challenge these unconscionable salary increases in the National Assembly.” Jagdeo (SN)

Clairmont Lye lays in to the government: “They promised an accessible government. Three months ago one minister told me his secretary would call me back; I am still waiting for that call. Two weeks ago I e-mailed another minister concerning a sensitive matter; I have got no response.”




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