Buzz: Doom and Gloom Times plagiarises NewsNow story

Buzz: Doom and Gloom Times plagiarises NewsNow story

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Crime rate mounting, flood waters rising, business sales falling- the Guyana Times’ front page fits perfectly into its post-election apocalypse narrative.

The Beaker of Truth’s Gomatie Gangadin shamelessly cuts and pastes a NewsNow story from Tuesday. Rank Plagiarism. (They routinely take photographs without attribution). She  ‘interviews” the PSC’s Ramesh Dookhoo who is worried that the new government is yet to stick out its tits for his members to start sucking on:  “He said there are also concerns among the business community about contracts not being issued by the new Government and remittances not being received. “This is a big issue in the construction sector and the faster the Government looks at that and puts things back in line, the faster we will get back.”  It’s not going back. The gravy train is over, Ramesh.

Meanwhile the Times’s other front page headlines are: “Gunmen terrorise Corentyne family, steal millions” (Excellent demographics);  “Wood exporter shot trice, robbed $2M in South Ruimveldt”. (Great, robberies in town too (but it’s thrice not trice));  “Heavy rains drown city again” (Yes, more proof of the new administration’s incompetence)


Of course this disgraceful little rag completely ignores the Jenny Westford’s Discount Auto Sales story. “We have evidence that some vehicles from a certain ministry (were being transferred improperly) to the minister and her spouse. These are things which we are investigating,” President Granger told Stabroek News. Joe Harmon tells KN “The State Asset Recovery Unit will soon be starting its work and therefore as a sort of an amnesty of sorts, (we are asking) people who are in possession of assets belonging to the state to quietly bring them back to the state ministry from whence they came or bring them back to the Ministry of the Presidency.”

The two-week parliamentary intermission was for Basil to prepare five bills, reports KN: Constitution (amendment) Bill, the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (amendment) Bill 2015, the Former Presidents (Benefits and Other Facilities) Bill 2015; the Fiscal Management and Accountability (amendment) Bill 2015- and the Local Government (amendment) Bill 2015.”

In brief….

Details...Janette Bulkan records evidence of under invoicing in exports of wamara logs and fire ants to China.

Butcher remanded until September 7th for 19 grammes of cocaine. How is that possible? And Jagnaraine Singh’s  son gets bail for alleged rape. Whatever happened to that story?




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