Buzz: Coalition has killed volunteerism

Buzz: Coalition has killed volunteerism

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Gordon Forte hits hard at the coalition’s self dealing with his letter in SN: “Sure, they’ll get away with it, and they must expect us all to follow their example. Ordinary people will never again feel they should make any personal sacrifice for the public good. The ideal of voluntary work for the good of the community is officially declared dead.” Indeed.

But are we seeing some back pedalling now? Basil Williams seems to be suggesting the increase is not a done deal and that “it can’t be hidden because it has to be something that has to be laid in Parliament…and “Parliament hasn’t sat.” Oh so a role call of who approves and who doesn’t might yet be on the cards even thought the finance minister ordered and gazetted it? Confusing.

Chronicle: “Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Saturday dispelled fears of any alleged rift in the five-month old APNU+AFC coalition government, contrary to what is being peddled in some circles both at home and abroad.” Of course not! Move along folks nothing to look at here. And “Guyana’s growth rate has been pegged at three per cent over the last year and he expects this to grow much more than that in the not-too-distant future.”

KN pursues Bobby Ramroop and the Learning Channel Sweetheart Deal: “Satellite uplink facilities purchased by the National Communications Network (NCN), two years ago and capable of broadcasting ‘The Learning Channel’ can be made operable in as little as two weeks.”

SN picks up on the National Frequency Management Unit diverting funds illegally to non-related projects: “…for years dating back to 2012 and before, the NFMU was being used to funnel funds elsewhere because it was a stand-alone body without any direct oversight by Parliament.

In brief….

The PPP/Times continue ploughing their lonely furrow based on hot button issues: “The decision by the Mahaica Mahaicony Abary/Agricultural Development Authority (MMA/ADA) to repossess farmlands leased to rice farmers in Region Five is being strongly condemned by the Opposition Party…Rohee “Almost immediately following the notice in the newspapers APNU+AFC activists began invading and occupying farmlands already under cultivation at high costs,” he explained.”

“The three policemen accused of accepting a $6 million bribe to free drug smugglers they intercepted with a bus loaded with cocaine at Whim, Corentyne, have been granted bail.” (SN) We can’t see how a creative DPP could not  find a charge to bring against the still anonymous drug traffickers even if to name and shame them. Too many masquerading as legitimate businessmen.

And City businessman Kevin Jordan was late last evening found guilty of raping a seven-year-old boy. Jordan, of Lot 524 Republic Park, East Bank Demerara, was found guilty of one of two counts of buggery by a 12-member jury at the High Court.

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