Buzz: China’s weaker yuan to help Granger’s good life

Buzz: China’s weaker yuan to help Granger’s good life

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Most of the papers carry the made-for-social media explosion in the port of Tianjin although the more significant event out of China has been the devaluation/depreciation of the yuan by 4.4% over the past three days.

That will mean cheaper Chinese goods for Guyanese, and with oil prices at record lows, inflation should not be a factor despite the sharp increases in public servants’ wages. Even the gold price is strengthening (US$1172 this morning) now that an interest rate hike in the US looks less likely. Granger’s good life for all is mostly dependent on external factors.

The Tianjin explosion was caught on video and so was GPL Bharat Dindyal’s explosion now all over social media telling some employee “let the f****ing minister call me”. Not clear what the brouhaha might be about Maybe he was also upset about not getting a subvention this year although the f***ing minister says the f***ing company can fund itself because f***ing fuel prices are f***ing lower. (Times)

“The investigation into fraud at the Public Service Ministry has now jumped from about $400M to more than $600 million.This was confirmed yesterday by police sources who informed this publication that investigators have been supplied with an additional two vouchers which have raised the amount under investigation.” (Chronicle)  We have heard the figure $735M and one does wonder what this kind of money was used for. It is hard to believe the two suspects would have been allowed to get away with such graft.  Secondly how come Hydar Ally was not aware as permanent secretary of these huge sums passing through his ministry? Every year the duo would go back to the OP for “outreach” money and he never asked what these projects were?

Sean Hinds retracts his comments broadcast yesterday about “when we go and kill the coconut man and two other people in the yard” telling Mark Benschop last night: “Mark, I wan talk boy, I wan talk. As soon as Mr. Granger set up dis inquiry, I is de fuss man gon ready fuh talk, providing dem ain’t kill me…. I know who throw s#$t pon Freddie, and I wan talk plenty mo, but I gon only talk if Granger set up de inquiry……dem tings on dat tape about Norton and Corbin was just a gaff…” He’s full of miasma.

In brief….

The government is threatening to name and shame those VIPs who are refusing to hand over their diplomatic passports. Apparently 300 were issued to ministers, spouses and children and even business executives? Oh that’s too easy.

“Dear Editor, I am elated and ecstatic to see star politician, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo in the limelight again. He gives us hope in this dim and uncertain period, and by the way he looked great with his bald head and jacket ‒ still very handsome.”




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