Buzz: Ball in Ban Ki-moon’s court

Buzz: Ball in Ban Ki-moon’s court

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Ralph Ramkarran drills down into the 1966 Geneva Agreement  and makes a compelling case that Ban Ki-moon is the one to decide on the juridical option to the border controversy and Venezuela cannot object to any decision he makes.

“There can be little doubt, therefore, that notwithstanding the dozens of complex cases which deal with the jurisdiction of the ICJ, that it does indeed have jurisdiction, both countries having agreed to a judicial settlement and having given the authority to the Secretary General of the UN to decide…The ball is now in the Secretary General’s court and Guyana must keep up the pressure for him to act,” he writes in his Conversation Tree blog while also dismissing Jagdeo’s loose lipped talk of giving Maduro a corridor: “It is not known whether Mr. Jagdeo was advised that Venezuela already has innocent passage to the Atlantic under the Law of the Sea Convention, even though it is not signatory, and doesn’t need a ‘maritime channel.”  Related is Mark Wilson‘s Trinidad Guardian column which predicts an oil boom for Guyana as early as 2018 but also outlines the recent cheque book diplomacy by Venezuela to influence Caricom countries.

In brief..

The Times seems to live in a different country: “Thousands of workers from across the sugar belt officially downed tools on Sunday morning to push for higher wages from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) with hopes that this latest action would result in their favour.” No other newspaper or news outlet reports on this.

SN Editorial “At Thursday’s sitting of Parliament, questions by PPP/C MP Dr Frank Anthony on spending for the inauguration of President David Granger were answered in writing by Minister in the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry. Answered would be a charitable way to refer to the responses as Minister Henry made no effort at all to provide information. Her response was pure obfuscation, studied indifference and feigned ignorance.”

Jagdeo seems to be objecting to the cost of cleaning the city and country in general. “Cleaning is expenditure” and this government just loves to spend, KN reports him saying. But of course, this idea of communal spaces being maintained is alien to him and the PPP. Indeed a good argument could be made that they deliberately neglected Georgetown as part of a politics of demoralisation or even so their friends could snap up the real estate, as residents found it uninhabitable and fled to the suburbs.

“According to GGB figures, gold exports both by dealers and the GGB up to October 21 amounted to 303, 306 ounces valued at US$341.3 million. Up to October last year, exports were 309, 140 ounces worth US$382 million.” (SN) Apparently Guyana Goldfields is making up the shortfall and we also learn that Troy Resources expects its first gold pour in the first half of November,and aiming to generate 110,000 ounces per year. combined with Guyana Goldfields that would be 250,000 oz added to total exports.

“Guyana continues to be unable to fully utilize the money it has earned under the forest pact with the Kingdom of Norway and at least one local forestry expert is contending that a major problem is that the Government’s Office of Climate Change (OCC) appears unable to prepare fundable project proposals from the ‘ragbag of sketchy ideas’ in the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS).” (KN)

After that double page ad it’s only fair that SN should run an advertorial for the Giftland Mall.

Professional Trickster Wanted By Police….Really?  we are not aware any former ministers have been charged recently. Oh it’s just some guy from Craig.






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