Buzz: A Politician Apologises

Buzz: A Politician Apologises

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Well knock us down with a feather: a politician actually apologised  for something: “I am so sorry…maybe if I had spoken to the parents earlier I don’t think I would have,” said Ramotar in reference to the pardoning of a child killer in his last days in office.

In retrospection, all I can say is I am so sorry I did not contact the parents because after hearing they migrated over 15 years (ago), I gave up. I guess I did not make a big enough effort.” (SN) Perhaps the six months of premature retirement are bringing some perspective for Ramotar who also chimed in on the two-term presidential limit and made it clear that he is not keen in having Jagdeo run again. “I think with two terms it’s enough for any president because you have a lot of talented people in the party. You need to have renewal, even within the party itself and even if your party is winning the elections all the time, I still think there needs to be continuous renewal, that is why I think the two terms is enough.”

In brief….

Meanwhile of the 6000 federal prisoners released early this weekend by the Obama administration “one third will immediately be turned over to U.S. immigration authorities for deportation proceedings.” Not sure how many will be winging this way but not included although coming out November 23 is Peter Morgan; Roger has a couple more years.

“Milton Eastman, the accused burglar who was apprehended in the Survi-val Supermarket earlier this year, was on Friday cleared of a robbery charge by Magistrate Fabayo Azore…..Three burglars were seen on the top floor of the supermarket but the group only managed to apprehend Eastman, who was later charged with the crime. The prosecutor’s report had stated that upon searching the accused, $2 million was recovered on his person.” Mind boggling. (SN)

“Millions of taxpayers’ dollars are being drained from the treasury and pumped into making Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations locally and abroad as extravagant and exceptional as can be,” and Anil Nandall is outraged a former supporter of such events as the duck curry competition and government subventions for concerts and cricket. It is indeed absolutely preposterous.




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