The Times’ too convenient quotes

The Times’ too convenient quotes

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Previously we had brought attention to the practices of the Guyana Times’ reporter Michael Younge  who fabricated quotes by fictional interviewees…

And today these quotes by anonymous Chinese and Brazilian business people taking offence to comments by APNU’s Granger, seem just a little too convenient, fitting too perfectly into the story’s narrative which is “Granger scapegoats Chinese, Brazilians...raises fears of ethnic victimisation”

Firstly Chinese business people are notorious for not speaking to the press but the Times manages to get several to talk to them although only using one interviewee.

“Meanwhile, several Chinese businessmen on Regent Street, Georgetown, when approached noted that APNU had made other anti-Chinese comments before. “Because we quiet words we get attack plenty. They call we “Chinee”,” the wife of one shopkeeper complained. “We have come to Guyana to invest and we are working to develop this country. Mr Granger should not tell New York Guyanese that we are competing with them. We should all develop Guyana,” said the shopkeeper’s daughter who is attending one of the premier high schools in Georgetown. The mother concluded in her halting English, “Me hope dem not attack we again.”

And here are the quotes from the frightened Brazilians who amazingly heard of Granger’s comments before anyone else:

“The language Mr Granger used was as if he was pitting Guyanese against Brazilians and Chinese. As a Guyanese citizen of Brazilian descent, I found that to be very upsetting,” said one Brazilian-Guyanese store owner Paulo from Cummings Street. “We have come here and we are helping to develop this great country as much as anyone else.”

His friend Alberto, who was visiting from Bartica, added, “I am a gold miner who originally came over from Boa Vista. Mr Granger is ignoring our hard work in the gold fields – but also the new techniques we brought over from our old country. In Boa Vista, there is a statue honouring us for opening up the country – here Mr Granger wants to set us up against other Guyanese.”




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