iNews first out with M****** puff piece

iNews first out with M****** puff piece

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iNews is the first to post on the opening of the M******* , with a story that does not acknowledge the controversy surrounding the spending of US$58M on the hotel, nor is there any mention of the protesters.

Here is a classic example of how the media is co-opted to do public relations work on behalf of corporations (in exchange for advertising and other sponsorship).

“The luxury hotel brags of 197 guest rooms and suites that offer views of the ocean at every turn. Its Ballroom has the capacity to accommodate between 400 to 700 persons at any time depending on the set up. It can also be transformed into four sections to host smaller events.

The hotel also has five boardrooms and an open style kitchen to allow patrons to dine in the restaurant and watch their meals being prepared by expert chefs.

Its indoor gym will cater mainly for its guest but membership will eventually be offered to the public. In addition, daily passes will also become available once the hotel is open to the public.”


SN also succumbed to the hype and front page the “First Guest” PR stunt.






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