Chronicle calls for Mao-like purge of ‘self-enriching thorns’

Chronicle calls for Mao-like purge of ‘self-enriching thorns’

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The controversial editorial in today’s Chronicle is a clear call for a sweeping internal revolution of the PPP and an accompanying purge of the “tin-pot” bureaucrats that have harmed the Party, say Freedom House analysts.

It begins “LOYALTY should be reciprocal, or it becomes a liability. The governing party has become a victim of the disloyalty of its own supporters entrusted to implement their policies and programmes in communities and institutions, because most often those appointed to serve the people begin to serve themselves at the expense of the populace, which they oftentimes treat with disdain and disfavour.”

It continues “The Government has a greater duty to be loyal to its constituents rather than the officials who are empowering and enriching themselves through negligence of their duties, or self-enrichment/self-aggrandizement actions, because the “tin-gods” are threatening its very existence”

The writer who is clearly a committed and well read Communist who understands the concept of permanent revolution goes on:  “And so it is incumbent upon the Government to ruthlessly weed out the thorns from its leadership. Government’s very existence, or at best its parliamentary majority, are once more threatened by the disloyal actions of the petty officials who are often supercilious and arrogant when dealing with members of the public they are sworn to serve; thus it is necessary to the spot of being imperative that the administration disassociate itself from and weed out the thorns that are damaging the fabric of its developmental programmes and strategies for growth –at both individual and national levels, within communities and in public institutions.”

According to our political science division, this editorial is reminiscent of the days before the Cultural Revolution in China which was launched in May 1966, after Chairman Mao charged that bourgeois elements had infiltrated the government aiming to bring back capitalism. He let loose the Red Guard who rounded up suspected neo-capitalists, intellectuals and reactionaries. It led to a mass purge of senior officials in the government as part of the party’s self renewal (and so the people would forget about the disasters of the Great Leap Forward).







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