Adonis dismisses iNews as ‘little known media outfit’

Adonis dismisses iNews as ‘little known media outfit’

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Dennis Adonis Guyana’s premier faux journalist has dismissed iNews as a “little known online media outfit” owned by Minister Robert Persaud who is said to be outraged at his “scoop” on Mexican drug cartels being connected to Guyana gold mines.

Adonis who has a knack of making the most unlikely stories sound plausible writes in the Epoch Times:

“Lashing out via iNews, a little known online media outfit that he owns in Guyana, the long-serving Minister caused his media house to publish a responding article to discredit the contents of the story which had first appeared in the Oslo Times on Monday 8 December, under the caption “U.S believes Mexico’s drug cartels funding several gold mining operations in Guyana”.

Indeed it was published in the Oslo Times which is a website “founded in 2011 as a Nonprofit organization by Human rights Activist, journalist, author, editor, and political analyst on Afghanistan, Mr. Hatef Mokhtar.” (Wikipedia). It seems to be more of a news aggregator siphoning stories from the web perhaps with not enough discretion to vet Adonis’ article.

The article was published in Oslo Times on December 8 at 10.11 am, and on the same day in the Epoch Times so we suspect it’s the reverse: The Oslo Times republished the Epoch Times article.

Adonis goes on “In an effort to give the said Minister a chance to defend himself against the allegations, several efforts were made by the Oslo Times to hear his side of the story. But, after initially promising to respond, the Minister subsequently became evasive, thus allowing for the story to be published in the Oslo Times, ex parte. However, once the article was published, Minister Robert Persaud took to his media outfits and sought to discredit the article’s writer and the Epoch Times. Expressing an obvious pathological ignorance of the global journalism landscape, the Minister’s media outfit identified the article’s writer as a fraudster while suggesting that the Epoch Times Website is owned by the said writer. He did not seem to know that The Epoch Times is a New York headquartered newspaper that has a presence in more than 35 countries worldwide, and is published in at least ten different languages. Nonetheless, no direct reference was made to the Oslo Times, probably out of fear for a fragile deforestation control agreement that Guyana has with Norway.”


According to his profile “Dennis Adonis is a Contributing Writer on Information Technology at The Epoch Times,, Huffington Post, and CNN. He is the Author of 19 books covering technology topics, children educational topics, academic literature, poetry, political fiction, non fiction, and romance.”