Today’s Parliament: Will They? Won’t They? Whatever

Today’s Parliament: Will They? Won’t They? Whatever

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Reports about when the PPP will take up its parliamentary seats have been about as reliable as the Met Office forecasts on the weather.

Word from the Parliamentary Office is that they may do so at today’s sitting while several members of the party choose to remain coy and lay it all on Grand Poobah Rohee. So maybe they will, maybe they won’t. for sure the Mosquito will be there. (Live Updates from 2 pm on our FB page.)

The bills up for second and possibly third readings and passage are the Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government (Amendment) Bill. The former is aimed at amending the law to allow for the removal of several constitutional entities that were being wrongly financed under the ministry as budget agencies. The local government bill is one that Donald Ramotar as president had refused to assent to on the advice that it was unconstitutional. The bill was designed to transfer some power, such as staffing appointments, from the local government ministry to a constitutionally mandated commission.

Meanwhile, a raft of reports and audited financial statements are to be presented at the sitting most notably the Ombudsman’s Report on the complaint brought by former New Building Society CEO Maurice Arjoon. He reportedly ran afoul of then president Bharrat Jagdeo in 2006 because he refused to back a $2B loan for the construction of the Berbice Bridge.  Arjoon and two other managers were fired in 2007 after fraud charges brought against them. Those charges were later dismissed prompting the complaint to Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore. In a statement on his findings Justice Moore last November said that he believed that Arjoon and his colleagues had suffered an “injustice.”

And after the Ramotar-imposed-six-month-cool-off the new government has decided to forego the annual two-month recess which usually runs from August 10 to October 10. According to a motion to be brought by PM Nagamootoo, the move is to enable the presentation and consideration of the 2015 budget by September 1.


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