Wrap: Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Wrap: Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

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The APNU-AFC alliance launch achieved at least one objective by eclipsing all other news for the day and pretty much with a positive spin.

However here are a few queries: not a single diplomat in attendance…we cannot believe they boycotted such an historic event. So were they invited and if not why? Was it on purpose or the invites did not get to go out? Secondly having Linden Primo in the same room wearing the same purple suit as he wore when he fired the gun at Congress Place does not make for good optics. More AFC supporters would have helped, and as we wrote earlier, more civil society, more business people but that was not within their control.

What was, were the speeches and they generated some memorable lines, that transcended the usual cliched political rhetoric:  Granger momentarily becoming Therapist in Chief to the nation: “Happy people do not kill themselves; happy people do not kill their wives and one another. Guyana is an unhappy country.”

And Nagamootoo miraculously recalling after 60 years, Granger in short pants, managed to be both nostalgic for that simpler past and plaintive for a better future. “But if as boys we shared a village and a school, tell me, tell me, why today can we not share in common our country, our Guyana home?”







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