Wrap: The $6M Blackout Expert Unplugged

Wrap: The $6M Blackout Expert Unplugged

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So that’s why Chairman Winston Brassington said back in 2013: “I don’t think any other state-owned entity or any other entity with comparable employees that would have a higher average wage bill for employees,” when only offering a 5% increase to the rest of the GPL workers. He had to fork out $72M for one man, CEO Bharat Dindyal’.  Obscene for once seems like an understatement. How much skills do you need to cause daily blackouts?

It looks like these charges over the Jenny Westford $600M Clearance House Case may be coming down the pipe. And she/they is/are lawyering up with Senior Counsel Rex McKay already leading a battery of lawyers in her alleged auto sales case. This is when the government needs a special prosecutor.

Finally, thanks to Enrico for passing on the Dynamic story. Seems like the crews have run up some heavy bills at hotels in New York and Guam (the airline runs a Beijing/Guam route) and they have taken them to court. Now that the airline is showing some financial stress we may have to reactivate our flight monitoring unit, although for the last two weeks they look bang on time inbound to CJIA.



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