Wrap: Samaroo returns as conspiracy theorist

Wrap: Samaroo returns as conspiracy theorist

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Oh no just when you thought you had seen the last of Shaun “Cash Money” Samaroo’s drivel he returns with a conspiracy theory that Jimmy Carter was not sick when he cut short his trip here but fled because he knew the fix was in for Guyana.

“First and foremost, did Carter become aware of the role of the US, Canadian, British and EU diplomatic corp, well-known on the local scene as the ABCE, in influencing the 2015 local elections in Guyana?”  Samaroo writes on his site, the Global Guyanese. Recalling the 1960’s meddling by the superpowers, he leaps forward 50 years: “In 2015, Carter would have found a similar tale in the briefing room of the ABCE….He quit within days, not maybe wanting anything to do with influencing elections results in any nation, as his global mandate lives with much more idealistic and altruistic motives.”

Really Shaun? Carter said he had a freakin’ cold: “During this evening, our medical doctor (who accompanied us from Johns Hopkins) decided that I should go to the local hospital, and I reluctantly agreed to return to Atlanta after consulting with local doctors and my personal physician at Emory.” And why then would his Carter Center directly refute point by point any claims of fraud by the PPP/C, and Carter himself “congratulate President David Granger and the APNU/AFC coalition on their success in the 2015 election.”

More Retardness: “When Joe Hamilton, a former PNC executive member cum PPPC top guy, called the Sophia incident as a deliberate ploy to disrupt voting, his cries fell on deaf ears. No one had the will, energy, or courage to change the course of history..”

The Sophia incident?  Shaun did you actually go into Sophia to find this out? A highly credible report of this incident comes from Gaiutra Bahadur in her Foreign Policy article which reports that the incident stemmed from a bus driver in the area who mistook Rubbermaid plastic containers used to deliver food to polling day staff as ballot boxes.  Yes it’s that mundane.

And his article goes full retard after that: “The vote count came in virtually tied, and the Elections Commission gave an extra seat to the APNU-AFC ticket in lieu of the 3,000 votes it got over the PPPC.” Actually the official results show the coalition winning by a margin of 4545. But no it was “virtually tied” according to Shaun who clearly does not believe in the mantra that every vote counts.

“The Commission ignored the fact that the laws state that 5,000 votes make a Parliamentary seat…” Ok the exact figure for each seat was 6338 “and therefore power should have been shared equally, to reflect the vote count, as each side got the same amount of Parliamentary seats, and the Commission should have announced a tie, and asked both sides to work out a Government, as a national front solution.”

Yes Shaun you just make electoral laws as you go along and clearly you know fuck all about the largest remainder Hare quota. Or it is that you are, as Surujbally would say, extremely dotish?



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