Wrap: How Jordan ruined our headline -“Fudget 2015”

Wrap: How Jordan ruined our headline -“Fudget 2015”

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There we were all ready to say how the government had fudged on its promises to the voters and Winston Jordan goes and spoils it with a 26% increase for the lowest paid public servants.

Last time any award was given of that size that was back in 1997 when the GPSU’s Patrick Yarde still had balls. No faulting that there. Sadly even the effective 15% increase for workers earning under $100K is more than the expected 10% that was being bandied around. Then Jordan makes it worse by giving the pensioners $17K a month. All of a sudden Grandma Money Bags is going to be really popular in the home. (Never mind she lost that water and GPL subsidy. And the public assistance, rising from $5,900 to $6,500 monthly is pitifully low. If they had doubled that to $10,000 for the 9,360 men and women who are disabled or economically and medically disadvantaged it would have only cost about $40M.)

But if ever you wanted an instant stimulus for the economy putting about $6B in the hands of lower paid workers is a no-brainer. It’s going to be like Christmas in August on Regent St at the end of this month.

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