Wrap: A Perfect Fit

Wrap: A Perfect Fit

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Great news to hear that the Times’ Nigel Williams is tipped to be Editor-in-Chief at the esteemed Guyana Chronicle and as such continue its long tradition of being headed by obsequious journalists manipulated by their political masters.

It is clear that Williams is the most appropriate candidate with perfectly suited journalistic and moral principles.

  • Case in point the letter he published on April 20 from one Vassan Ramracha who wrote: “The person who is the leader of the PNC party Mr Granger, Indians cannot vote for him. Indian votes for Granger along with some cockroach Indians politicians in APNU/AFC will be a vote of thanks for killing Indians.”
  • Case in point a Media Monitoring Unit report stating that the Guyana Times distorted remarks on the death of Courtney Crum-Ewing made by APNU’s David Granger at the Linden rally with its March 5 story “Granger pushes envelope on incitement”  in order to “fit the agenda of the article, which to all intents and purposes, was to deceive from the ‘get-go.’”
  • Case in point the routine fictional stories from Michael Younge including 100% travel benefit increases for ministers and a story with untraceable AFC supporters.
  • Case in point quotes by anonymous Chinese and Brazilian business people taking offence to comments by APNU’s Granger, that seemed just a little too convenient a few days before the election;
  • Case in point the routine humiliation of poor people arrested for marijuana or for some minor domestic scuffle that becomes a source of mirth.
  • Case in point the blatant hypocrisy that he suddenly cares about crime, splashing it over the front page since May 11 when back in December 2013 the paper had warned against “the most extreme degree of sensationalism: murders, wife killings, robberies, incest, riots, etc, these would always get front page coverage with lurid headlines.”
  • The shameless promotion of his boss’s businesses -New GPC and the Amazon Warriors.
  • Did we mention the rampant plagiarism?
  • Gomattie Gangadin stealing a NewsNow story;
  • The pilfering of our own report on the Shrimp Coketail Case;
  • The reproduction of a Tony Cozier column as if they had written it;
  • And the hundreds of photos he has cut and pasted without attribution.

Th truth is Williams has already proven himself malleable to his paymasters and no one else wants the crappy job. Who else would run a paper with a circulation of less than 4000 per day, with zero credibility and the political influence of a gnat other than someone who is already doing that? And what a genius move. With him gone the Times which holds itself out nowadays as some keeping-them-honest publication will fall further into absurdity and irrelevance.





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