Grey Boy Fall Guy?

Grey Boy Fall Guy?

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Something about the murder charge against Regan “Grey Boy” Rodrigues this afternoon does not sit right. It’s not the matter of whether he pulled the trigger or not although we wonder if having the purported gun in his house is all the police have since it took so long to charge him.

Instead it is the absurdity that no one else has been charged, and we are somehow being asked to believe that Grey Boy had a brain wave one day in March and decided to go kill the highest political activist in the country. (The motive being what exactly?) Everyone knows this to be untrue. Everyone knows that this killing was ordered. And that while he is incarcerated awaiting a trial, the three other individuals in the car that night and/or those who sat down and actually decided that Courtney Crum-Ewing must die are free. Among us. As such there is a false triumph, an emptiness at the heart of today’s charges even if they ultimately prove to be valid in a court of law. This case is not solved.


We’re happy to see Minister Jordan neglecting his budget preparations and holding a press conference revealing that his predecessor stayed in a US$355 a night room in Washington when his accommodation allowance was for US$200 (Category A). And we are serious about that. The government is going to learn that ignoring fiction can turn it into fact. Meanwhile let’s ask the Times for the source documents for their benefits increases story and the PPP for the basis of their 52 luxury Prados allegation.


And while we are on gas guzzlers. The consumer is still being screwed at the pump. Gasoline has returned to the highs of late last year while Brent Crude is down to its lowest level since March 2009.


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