TBT: Fugitive Black Panther feared Guyana

TBT: Fugitive Black Panther feared Guyana

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Article form the California Monterey Herald on Watani Stiner, 68,  a former Black Panther member who was released from San Quentin prison, 46 years after the murders of two of the radical group’s leaders on the campus of UCLA.

He escaped from prison and fled to Guyana where he lived for several years before moving on to Suriname. As the economic conditions worsened there he chose to hand himself in to the US embassy and finished out his sentence, all the while denying his guilt.

Here is the excerpt about his time in Guyana.

“Fearing for their lives, the brothers arranged to escape after a family visit in a low-security trailer.

The brothers hid out for almost two months in Oakland and San Francisco. With the help of black revolutionaries, they were smuggled to Memphis, Tennessee, in the back of a U-Haul truck. They disguised themselves as preachers, then made their way to Miami for a flight to Guyana.

Watani Stiner had left behind two young sons in Los Angeles.

But Watani Stiner soon became disillusioned with the Guyanese government. He began, naively he said, to get involved with opposition groups. One day, a high-ranking Guyanese government official summoned him and issued a warning. “‘You realize that if your body would show up on the shores of this country, the U.S. wouldn’t even claim your corpse,'” he said. “That sent a chill up my spine. I said it’s time to get out of here.”


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