Back Then

Back Then

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Some extracts from the US State Department cables  (1973-1976) as they relate to Hamilton Green

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3. In attempting its forecast of this election (Ref A), Embassy had not really expected PNC to abandon all pretense of honest election. In...

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The Morning Post of Saturday September 25 1852 reports on a meeting held in Georgetown Guiana calling for "the lifting of all unnecessary restrictions...

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Here's a clipping from the Evening Express, a Scottish newspaper, dated Friday October 9 1953... (click on picture to enlarge) 

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(SN photo) This from the Guyana Chronicle November 11 2011 (the AFC went on to win 11,643 votes in Region Six) "THE public meeting at Whim,...

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David Attenborough at the Kaieteur Falls in 1979 as part of his Life on Earth series on the BBC.

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Article form the California Monterey Herald on Watani Stiner, 68,  a former Black Panther member who was released from San Quentin prison, 46 years...

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by Vidyaratha Kissoon “Duh turmeric, dat is what we call dye right?“ the minibus conductor asked me. We were talking about turmeric and things good...